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Very early began to pay attention to E-commerce, although the university specializes in jewelry appraisal, but I think in the current network era, no matter what industry enterprises, if it has never entered the field of E-commerce, there is no vision. You see, every customer sincerity goods, Jingdong Mall, their annual sales are tens of millions of notes, China's largest e-commerce site Taobao is not detailed. Our peers, diamond birds is through e-commerce this platform, so that today can be with the big jewelry brand.

And the fate of the SEO industry

University internship, do is the network sales of Jade, but the performance has been not very high, the reason is that the company's brand does not have great visibility, resulting in little traffic. That is how to improve the visibility of the exposure rate. At that time to SEO although have heard, but the content is not very clear.

Because of its attention, all to understand, chance to see SEO training to participate in. SEO has been learning for some time, my ability and level has yet to continue to improve, is still a rookie class.

SEO my sentiment

Now slowly contact understanding, I think the SEO is simple and simple, said complex also complex, because it requires a lot of knowledge. It has developed so far, there is no system authority to form a theoretical textbook, a lot of knowledge is fragmented, and many need our hands-on to know. SEO's core foundation is the content and link of the website, completes these two points already completed the website SEO optimization 95% work, even completes the website the most core foundation work.

However, seemingly simple, but the specific operation will appear a lot of problems, article how to write, how the chain hair, do these things to take into account which aspects, are to consider, this is a whole, is to consider comprehensively, some technical problems at the beginning is not the most critical. I think that SEO is not so much a technology as a logical thought. We're going to analyze search engine algorithms, search engine to analyze the user's ideas and behavior, in fact, we really should do, I think is from the user point of view, to the user a good experience, to the user really want, this is a site of success, in order to SEO and SEO, a short period of time will be very effective, But not really long.

Where the customer is relying on SEO to do well-known, and then practice the internal strength, engage in their own logistics, engage in their own services. Think about how you can stay with a customer if you are simply famous and don't have a good product or service. And the bigger the website, because the service product is not good, the negative influence will be bigger than the small website, the Netizen sensitivity to it will be much higher than the general small website. This is like why the state-owned Sanlu milk powder contains melamine, in a short period of time will collapse, and the reputation of the general enterprise can continue to survive the same. I know a lot of people to learn SEO is to quickly improve rankings, and then make money, but if you want to long-term, internal strength is extremely critical.

The great role of SEO

Of course, the use of SEO technology for smaller small and medium-sized enterprises and personal sites, is very necessary and important. In the case of our limited financial resources, the use of SEO technology can be the smallest investment in exchange for the greatest return. and a variety of advertising, such as Baidu promotion compared to its low investment and ranking stability advantages.

In the next time, I will continue to learn SEO, under the leadership of the teacher SEO practice, I will learn with their own professional combination. Use it to create wealth and future. Of course more hope to get the master and senior guidance. Reprint please indicate the original address: Han Dapeng

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