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How to modify the title

1. Number Replacement:

For example, a Sina education article, the title is: "Prepare for the exam composition: five strokes to let your article" light Up ", in the revision of the title, it can be changed to:" Prepare for the exam composition: three strokes to let your article "lit up" instead, is the article in the most obscure or see the most uncomfortable two features deleted.

2. Word Replacement:

The same can also be modified: "Prepare for the exam composition: Tips to make your article" lit up "so that without deleting the content of the article can let search engines think that at least the title is original.

3. Sorting text:

Can also be upset by the order to make your title look more different: "Test composition Preparation: Can let your article" light up "five kinds of moves", such a sequential replacement method, can make the title set more in line with the browser's thinking habits.

Second, the main body of the amendment method

1. First paragraph original

Write your first paragraph and control it between 100-200 words, just like the introduction of the article. If you have the energy, read the full text to make a summary, put in the first paragraph;

2. Paragraph adjustments

Article paragraph before and after the relationship is not very compact, or coordinate relations, in the article does not affect the original intent, but also suitable for users to browse the premise, can be the original article short chaos, a new sort.

3. Word substitution

Some words in the article can be replaced with synonyms

4. The article pieced together

For the same event, merchandise, characters and other types of articles, to determine a good theme, you can have a number of related articles, interception, with a combination of some text on the adjustment, to form a new original article.

5. The end paragraph original

The end of the article, with a sentence "according to the financial market experts observed that the recent stock market slump is worth pondering, so I hope that we do more research, and strive to summarize more and better experience." ”

Iii. Processing of pagination articles

In the process of reprint, many of the articles on the Web site is for paging processing. We reproduced in the time, also will be the article page processing, which will cause repetitive content, resulting in the article is not easy to be included in the situation. In the process of reprint, will be a shorter article does not deal with the page, long articles need to be divided into new paragraphs, the following content to move to the article page of the homepage. (Note: Search engine in the crawl page content, the last crawl on the home page, after the article crawl is not very good.) )

PS: Original article is the content is entirely written by themselves

The main purpose of making original articles and false original articles is to improve search engine searches.

Article category

Jure page contains all content

Second, pagination contains all content

Key points included in the impact:

1. The repetition of the content of the article, as well as relevance, key words

2. Baidu News tends to put the first published articles in front of the website

3. The weight associated with the site itself is very large

4. Article pagination processing is not conducive to the Baidu news collection, as far as possible to the content in a page display

5. The need for the article in accordance with the original false editing methods to modify, improve the collection, in principle, the more changes, the more easily included

6. The number of the chain, in principle the more the better, you can in the relevant articles recommended

7. Website update time, spider crawl time

8. Content composition: The use of pictures and articles


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