SEO six ways to make money

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SEO six ways to make money

SEO in this line since I have been concerned about SEO and search engine knowledge, but also realize that a lot of SEO master is a lot of knowledge of the network marketing master, especially in Admin5 is a lot more than the cattle webmaster friends. Let me just to do SEO network marketing and the entire e-commerce potential, occasionally from an article to see the SEO six ways to make money.

1. To provide search engine ranking services, that is, we usually said that the SEO to do the Web site optimization, to be used to have a certain SEO experience will blow friends. This kind of way is generally some station boss especially some enterprise station's boss, find some have certain optimization experience and the result person optimizes the website high rank for them. The main profit model is ranking, here is a field example for example, my company's this station, the key words for the sand machine, sand washing machine, impact-type sand machine, rod mill-type sand making machine has a certain experience of friends will know impact-type sand making machine and rod mill type sand making machine, With the sand-making machine ranked up on the very natural to go up. And the word sand machine in Baidu or Google competitiveness is not very small also decided to charge can not be too high. General type one months 500 yuan of money by the year is about four thousand or five thousand, of course, also depends on customer requirements to set charges. This is the current many SEO are mainly revenue sources.

2. Make use of SEO optimization rankings rely on traffic to earn advertising fees, the last few years there have been a lot of such stationmaster, these stationmaster initially just do a website to rely on Google AdSense and his physical ads to earn some money, In the process of doing the station found that the use of SEO site optimization can be very quickly a keyword ranking up to bring huge traffic, but also brought the number of ads clicks, these AdSense do a good job every month advertising income tens of thousands of dollars.

3. In cooperation with traditional trading enterprises, these are the most common is the network company, to help companies do the optimization of the site to collect fees, of course, this is only selling services to make money, more advanced is to sell products to make money to do E-commerce shopping station, take commission has similar real-life leather companies, no products only site and staff. The biggest and best is Jack Ma's Alibaba, of course, Ma Yun is selling services rather than selling products.

4. seo+ Advertising Alliance Way, now the internet has appeared a lot of kinds of advertising, Taobao launched after Amoy this way more common, a lot of Amoy to promote the station are row, the webmaster is the first to use SEO to do the rankings, the flow of the website viscosity do a good job to increase the income naturally.

5. SEO Consulting Services, SEO training for large companies to develop SEO programs. Be able to do this level of people are usually a few SEO industry particularly well-known several people set up several companies, of course, there are other members of the team. These companies are generally to do service charges, such as Tong's company is Tencent, it world, etc. large network companies to provide keyword analysis, Staff SEO training and network marketing, and other columns of services. There are small individuals to engage in SEO training.

6. SEO optimization work, here is the difference between the 3rd, mainly in the network company or Enterprise website optimization, where they are full-time general only to do a few of the company's stations, of course, most of these are like me for the traditional enterprise website to do optimization If it is small company staff but that is tiring and not much wages When the salary to see what you are doing in the company, heard that a few days before the outstanding annual salary 1 million to find SEO full-time staff. The other is a little advantage is basically income stability, usually can also several private single optimization.

This is my summary of the use of SEO several ways to make money, if you are SEO master, you will adopt which methods, of course, some of the views I have seen in various materials. Some of the above total selling services and selling products by advertising several, I suggest you sell products, find a good project, combined with some of the network marketing and E-commerce knowledge well you sent.

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