SEO software kills people.

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Previously do rubbish station, go to Baidu post stick desperately post, of course, bring the flow is true, but only adhere to the flow, a stop, The flow is also basically stopped. It's really tiring. Money is not earning much, after one months of exhaustion, tired. And then a blog, update some hot topic every day, accidentally by Baidu included, a lot of hot key word ranked in the top 10 Baidu, every day to bring me about 40,000 of the IP, at that time only hung a few traffic exchange code, a day can earn 200 yuan, then know Baidu search engine The benefits, but not good, Baidu in a big earthquake, my blog to shock the half, hot keyword also from the first page of Baidu down to more than 10 pages, the flow of natural straight down.

Later on the Internet to find ways to save, to learn what they do SEO, but also spent thousands of yuan to buy what SEO software, Made several stops. But after one months, Baidu has not included, people say that my rice is new, useless, I would like to buy more than hundred pages of Baidu to do. I do so, to the Webmaster Trading forum to buy a few Baidu included thousands of meters, but a change to the software of the garbage station, after three days that K was light. People say I have no outside chain, I also go to those Baidu weight high site to buy some links, Also often to webmaster nets weak Wen, to the outdated post, after three months, Baidu is still not included.

Now I understand that those are false, now stationmaster everywhere is, more than a few years ago, the site is more than a few times, most of the garbage station, Baidu has been in the extreme dumping these super garbage repeated thousands of times the content of the site, those so-called SEO software is actually all done rubbish station, all for the Baidu search engine and built, Even if included, also insist not long on the K light, in the end software money will not be back. We do not believe what SEO software, it is to kill people do not pay.

Spent thousands of yuan does not matter, the important thing is to waste a few months precious time, I also realized to do an excellent website, must do for the user, must have the target crowd, And to the target population as far as possible to lock the minimum range. As far as possible from the search engine dependence, single-minded to do the station, do a good job station, to be popular, to succeed. I firmly want to do a more formal station, (my station search book View New: away from SEO software temptation Even hope to get rid of Baidu's dependence.

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