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Yesterday June 26 again ushered in a big update Baidu, this update let our website sad, more affect the nerves of our webmaster, originally in the early June, the site was hacked, probably lasted half a month, and we are constantly changing the server, change IP. And yesterday's update led to our site snapshot back to file, Baidu included from 10,003 down to 86, ranking in the first page of the keyword disappeared without a trace, site and domain home is not the first, there is a kind of this kind of situation can be thought of Baidu temporary redeformation algorithm or Baidu ventilation pumping, But the result of the comprehensive view of our site is indeed Baidu down right, we may work for half a year all white done, and as a webmaster or a seoer I would like to say, Baidu's processing is not permanent, just like we have a chance of a clean slate, so we do not have to give up so easily, As long as we insist, as long as we work hard, the future of the site is very good. We have to stay awake with the brain to face every update of Baidu:


First, analyze the status of the Web site

There are a lot of webmaster in the A5 forum to see Baidu update, has not yet figured out the situation of their own website, are kept in saying that their website keyword ranking down how to do, the site is not by Baidu down right, in fact, every little update of our website may have so little change, but the light is crazy, talking is not, We have to specifically analyze the status of their own site to determine exactly where the reason, is to change the title, the site revision, the chain down or for the original question, of course, for the search engine is the same, their thinking will be more rigorous. Not too casual, if your site does not have any problems, the search engine will certainly not give your site down right.

Ii. how to cope with every change

Baidu algorithm update more frequently, almost every day in the update, then as a seoer personnel we should take the "unchanged should be changed" approach to solve the problem, in fact, every day every update is the keyword ranking declined, but these few keywords dropped the other keywords may have risen, Thus formed a kind of repeatedly floating state, so we have to maintain an optimistic state to face, in fact, we can also see the search engine algorithm changes, but there is no other than a principle: is to combat the low quality of the site, to provide users with quality content. As long as we stick to white hat SEO technology, the site is absolutely no problem.

Iii. measures to be taken

If our site is attacked and caused the site to be down right, then first we have to change the server in time, indicating that the previous server is not stable, unsafe and hackers attacked. It is better to spend a secure server at a higher price than to be a spam server that is attacked at any time. Of course, if our site is due to its own reasons for the site to decline or fall in the rankings, snapshot back to file, then we must promptly correct the site error information, do search engine like things:

First of all, the site must be able to meet the needs of users, site content has a certain originality and unique value, do not buy and sell links, do not do some black hat seo means. Baidu search engine is also user-friendly, if your site does not have too much illegal operation, I believe that the search engine will treat you.

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