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Website links is a very important step in the promotion work, link quality of the site also directly affect the site optimization effect, a lot of webmaster links to the link is not enough to attach or think that the more friendship links the better, this is wrong, high-quality links not only to the site to bring weight, pull the page snapshot update frequency, And it can also bring in some traffic.

So, how to find high-quality links? and listen to Shantou seo way to:

How to Choose Friendship Link site has become a lot of new webmaster headache work, in fact, it is difficult to say, according to the following points to choose.

One, must be regular station, the other side of the site can not be as well as indecent color Web site, even if the PR value, traffic is high, but also resolutely can not exchange.

Second, the quality of the site, the quality of the site to judge the PR value, Web pages included, snapshot update, and so on, there is a proportion of the balance point of their own mastery. If a high PR station, and Google included a few poor words, then have to pay attention to, there may be cheating to achieve the effect, so first audit clear, the best way is to a visitor's identity into each other's website, see if this station has attracted you to the other side, if there is, OK.

Third, the Web page snapshot, if the site promotion is mainly for Baidu and other domestic search engines, this is very important, the update speed of the snapshot, directly determine this site in search engine popularity, general information class site snapshot within two days, the enterprise class site within a week for good.

Four, the other side of the site's friendship link output number, do not recommend a link to the output of a number of sites, especially the navigation class site, if the other side of the site's links output up to dozens of of hundreds, then you link up also how much meaning, generally in 40 below better.

Five, the industry relevance, this is very important, it is estimated that a lot of webmaster although also know to find links to find relevant, but not very clear relevance site links have what benefits?

The benefits are as follows:

1, the more links to industry-related sites, the more you can improve the site in search engines in this industry weight,

2, improve the site keyword density, a lot of webmaster is to improve the density of keywords and worry about it, in fact, friendship links here is a very good place, because it is industry-related, so many industries link text may be your main keyword, or how many are a bit of contact.

3, flow, industry-related web site to bring the most valuable traffic, do not ignore this link, especially in the online sales of enterprises or individuals, such as customers to find a product, search into a website, in the site did not find the desired, see links in the link has a relevance of the site, many customers will click to see, And such customers are mostly interested in the prospective customers.

Six, the good faith link, business to speak good faith, exchange links also want to speak good faith, such as: Today to do a link, such as tomorrow after the inspection to see your site Baidu did not have time to update the snapshot, or because the server problem is not open, notice is not informed, privately put your link to withdraw. I just met this situation and I'm a PR3 site, the number of links output only a few, the other side a PR0 new station to find me exchange links, see in the exchange is very sincere, and is also the relevance of the enterprise site, snapshot update more timely, I and he changed, did not think that day my site server out of the question, A few hours can not visit, the other side mercilessly put my site to delete, now think all come gas.

Seven, to constantly check the link situation, check links site, do not be some bad webmaster, or the other side of the station was malicious attack, be hung horse, etc., encountered such a situation, must first remove the link, and inform each other, and so on before the other repair can be added, and, remember to check your site on the other side of the link text, Some stationmaster changes your link text after you exchange the link, I have encountered this situation, for example, my link text is "Shantou seo", I do not know the case, the other side changed to "Shantou", this need to pay attention to, once encountered such a thing, to resolutely refuse to again and such a station cooperation. No matter what to do, people must speak good faith, otherwise do nothing will succeed!

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