Shaanxi's richest man competes with Gree *st starfish restructuring ahead of confusion

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Every reporter Sun Jiasha from Shanghai "reorganization, reorganization, or reorganization." "May 11, *st starfish (600185, closing 7.73 yuan) Dong Zhou Yunlong in answer to shareholder" what is the short and long term goal of the company? "When the answer is made as above. But things are still on the reorganization of the shell.  May 14, *st Starfish Bulletin said, because the company involved in two disputes, faced with the risk of liability, may make major asset restructuring work can not be implemented within the stipulated time. Ronghai want to hand over *st starfish Ronghai, *st starfish Director, Starfish Group chairman, the original actual control, to 4.5 billion assets listed 2008 Hurun Rich List 152th, Shaanxi richest man, Gree Group, the name has gree electrical appliances (000651, closing price 30.9 yuan) and many other nationally renowned subsidiaries.  The intersection of the two began in December 2007, when Ronghai holdings of Starfish Group will hold the *st Starfish 60 million shares transferred to the Gree group, the latter became the largest *st starfish shareholder.  January 2008, Starfish Group and *st Starfish signed the "asset purchase Agreement", Starfish Group to bear the *st Starfish 92 million yuan bank debt and principal interest of the way to buy *st starfish computer Base, Beihai Resort and so on. On the same day, Gree Group and *st Starfish signed an agreement, Gree group to Gree Real estate and Gree set up 100% stake and *st Starfish for asset replacement, Gree Group proposed assets according to 2.2 billion yuan, which for and *st Starfish Asset package to replace the amount of 485 million yuan, for subscription *  St Starfish Non-public offering shares of the amount of 1.61 billion yuan, the remaining 113 million yuan as *st starfish to the Gree group arrears, amortization. September 2008, Gree Group issued an acquisition report, said the acquisition completed, Gree Group will hold 300 million shares of *st starfish, accounting for 51.94% of total equity.  At this point, Ronghai exit the idea of listed companies to achieve the initial, Gree group real estate business as a whole listing the goal is imminent. *st Starfish Sudden Exposure lawsuit Let Gree group unexpectedly is, September 24, 2008 acquisition report issued after a few days, October 8, *st Starfish announced two respectively in June 26, 2008 and August 26, 2008 lawsuit. According to the announcement, June 26, 2008, China Railway 15 bureau due to project Construction management commissioned contract disputes, to the High Court of Henan province to sue Starfish Group, *st starfish, Starfish Expressway Development Co., Ltd., Starfish Real Estate; August 26, 2008, transit construction due to construction contract disputes,  To the XI ' an intermediate court to sue Starfish Real estate, starfish Technology Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. and *st starfish. *st Starfish said that two of lawsuits failed to disclose timely reasons is that Starfish Group and starfish real estate related personnel conceal not reported. "This makes Gree group unprepared, because the agreement between the two sides was signed, according to the agreement, placedThe asset gree will buy at a price of 485 million yuan, and the price will not change even if there is a loss during the transition period. The so-called set out assets, refers to the *st starfish in addition to the computer base and the Beihai resort, all assets and liabilities, now the acquisition report has just released, Ronghai this side said the company also has debt, facing a sudden more out of the possibility of billions of debt, Gree Group of course not happy.  An insider told reporters. Gree Group has paid 220 million Yuan "Ronghai at first really wanted to transfer the listed companies, but then and Gree group negotiations in what happened, do not know. These people told the Daily economic news reporter.  Gree Group for restructuring to pay the price is not very small, the company pledged to the Starfish Group during the reorganization of the 400 million yuan commissioned loans to solve the existing full *st starfish debt, now has paid 220 million yuan. "Gree Group will now be unwilling to pay the remaining 180 million yuan, they think that Ronghai has such a large debt in advance not to say, conceal not report, create obstacles for restructuring, they are unwilling to spend money to solve these problems, it is more impossible to replace assets into, because once the quality of assets into, may also face the danger of being seized by the court later. And Ronghai obviously to get Gree group promised 400 million yuan, both sides so more Ober.  The person said. When reviewing the motion of resignation of the general manager of the company, Han Gang Liu Nio, an independent director, has detected a delicate relationship between Ronghai and Gree, Liu Nio at the time proposed to put the bill on hold, thinking that the statements made by the King four directors and Ronghai directors of Gree Group and Starfish Group on the board revealed differences of opinion,  And that the two sides lack effective communication. Yesterday, Gree Real estate and *st Starfish have refused to interview the request, said all to the announcement, and the company issued May 14 announcement is shown, although before Zhongtian Group and Starfish Real estate and other companies dispute, Xian City, the Chinese court has made a ruling, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, But starfish Real estate did not in accordance with the settlement agreement will be "to the house to the payment" of the house transfer to Zhongtian group name. *st starfish sent to Xi ' an Housing Authority property Management Center inquiries, but was the other party to "not the owner of the house" as a refusal, to the Starfish Real estate consultation, also did not get echo. "Starfish Real estate is *st Starfish Absolute holding subsidiaries, but now do not listen to the listed companies, what the problem?"  The people familiar with the matter asked reporters.  Gree Group also said in this regard, because the dispute may lead to the risk of liability of listed companies, if the risk can not be eliminated in time, may lead to *st starfish major assets reorganization work within the stipulated time can not be implemented.  Left to both sides of the time is not much, the SFC approved the issuance of the effective period deadline of September 17, 2009, only the last 5 months. "Everyone is very hard, we have no retreat, but in fact, who can not be separated from." "A *st starfish investor described Ronghai and greeRelationship, just behind the rivalry between the two sides, "suffer" is listed companies.
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