Shan to promote Chinese traditional culture and to represent the games of Sui and Tang dynasties

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Donews Game March 1 News (intern reporter Tam) February 16 Prosperity Interactive announced that Shan will be its ">" "The Sui and Tang kingdoms" endorsement. Donews Game channel on this matter interviewed Shan teacher, single old said online games is not a scourge, endorsement game is to promote Chinese traditional culture.

Shan in the interview, the endorsement of the "Sui and Tang Kingdoms" is a fancy internet communication ability and influence range, for the revival of traditional culture to make a contribution. He said that with the development of the economy, people's pace of life, the traditional culture has gradually been abandoned by the young people, and even the elderly people have abandoned the original traditional entertainment, instead of the television and the Internet to kill time. Shan that he should use the network platform, to promote the traditional Chinese culture, so that everyone can accept this long history, cultural connotations of the art form.

He said that "Sui and Tang Kingdoms" is his comeback after the Cultural Revolution, the first storytelling, meaning for him, natural self-evident. Flourishing interactive invited him to be the spokesperson, he also carefully studied the game, the game in the propaganda of the Chinese classical chivalrous spirit is very much in agreement, the two sides reached agreement, and finally completed cooperation.

Single old finally said: "The net swims to say is a scourge, the spirit poison is too exaggerated, any entertainment way as long as moderate, will not Wanwusangzhi, I also do not oppose grandchildren to play the game, as long as the main energy in the study is enough." "

Shan, the famous storytelling Performing arts master, National Intangible Cultural Heritage successor. Ploy for more than half a century, a total of recordings, broadcast the "Sui and Tang Kingdoms", "three grand Five righteousness", "the chaotic Beikewen" and so on 100 dozen total 15,000 Yu Giu radio, television storytelling works, finishing 17 sets of 28 traditional storytelling text manuscripts, creating a storytelling to market precedent. Finish)

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