Shandong Choulans for many years arrears of Social Security Provident Fund company admitted may be fined

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Author: Wang Wenzhi Shopo Shandong Choulans Garments and Garments Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Choulans) starting application is scheduled to be audited on April 20.  "Economic reference newspaper," the investigation found that the Shandong Choulans for many years to deal with the majority of workers for social insurance and payment of Provident Fund, 2010 for the listing needs only surprise paid part of the alleged major labor violations, there is a listing "mishap." After years of arrears in social Insurance and Provident Fund, Shandong Choulans was established in 1999, and has been violating laws and regulations for nearly 10 years, refusing to pay social insurance and Provident Fund for most employees.  The company only made a surprise payment in 2010 in order to be listed. "11 years since the establishment of the company, 10 years have not paid employees social Insurance and Provident Fund, last year in order to match the listing, only began to pay the first three years of social security."  "A staff member who worked in Shandong Choulans for many years said to reporters.  A number of Shandong Choulans workers to reporters that the company's long-term arrears of social security, although recently paid a part, but the former arrears of Provident Fund has not been made up, large-scale, long time to refuse to pay Social Security and Provident Fund makes Shandong Choulans in Shandong Yantai became the Labor supervision department headache "Nail". A staff member who declined to be named by Yantai Labor Supervision Department confirmed to reporters: in the years before 2010, Shandong Choulans failed to pay social insurance and Provident Fund for most employees, involving 1000 people, accounting for more than 80% of the total number of employees, has been repeatedly reported.  In order to successfully listed, the company only to pay for nearly 3 years of social insurance, currently not punished.  The company admits that it may be punished for this in the future, Shandong Choulans in the prospectus, so the previous years did not pay social insurance and Provident Fund, may be punished in the future. "Where did you get the news?" "April 17," Economic reference newspaper reporter in accordance with the public telephone published in Shandong Choulans, a woman surnamed Zhang asked reporters, but she still admitted that "there was a failure to pay social insurance and Provident Fund in the past." "In Shandong Choulans clothing and Apparel Co., Ltd. IPO Prospectus (report), Shandong Choulans admitted: The company has a delay in the payment of social insurance fees phenomenon." As at the end of 2010, the company has been in accordance with the provisions for the employees of the endowment insurance and other social insurance. In view of the company's failure to pay social insurance in time, the actual control of the company Wu Jianmin, Saran issued a letter of commitment: "If the joint-stock companies are punished by the administrative department, we will bear all the responsibility and risk to ensure that the company does not suffer any economic losses." Similarly, in the "Shandong Choulans Apparel Co., Ltd. IPO prospectus", Shandong Choulans also admitted: The company did not implement the Housing Provident Fund system before May 2010. Since May 2010, the company has established a Housing Provident fund account for all scheduled employees in accordance with relevant national and local regulations, and paid into the Housing Provident Fund of employees. The company was not an employee until May 2010Housing Provident Fund, the company's actual control person Wu Jianmin, Saran issued the "Commitment letter": "If the joint-stock companies are required to pay or be compensated for their employees before May 2010 Housing Provident Fund, we will bear the full part of the compensation and recovery of losses, to ensure that the company does not suffer any economic losses." "Experts believe that the company suspected of major labor violations of the PRC labor Law stipulates that employers and workers must participate in social insurance, pay social insurance fees." The temporary regulation of Social Insurance levy stipulates that the payment units and individual contributions shall pay social insurance fees in full and on time, and the payment units are overdue to pay social insurance fees and late fees, and the Labor Security Administrative department or the tax authorities shall apply for compulsory levy by the people's Court. "Labor Security Supervision Regulations" stipulates that the employer to the social insurance agencies to declare the amount of social insurance premiums, the cover-up of total wages or the number of employees, by the Labor Security Administrative department ordered to correct, and the amount of the 1 time times more than 3 times times the wages of the following fines.  The Housing Provident Fund Management Ordinance stipulates that the unit shall be paid into the housing fund for the employees.  Xu Zhenbin, director of the National Development and Reform Commission's Institute of Economic Research, said that Shandong Choulans had refused to pay social Insurance and Provident Fund for most employees for nearly 10 years, and was suspected of major labor violations.  The CSRC stipulates that a company applying for a listing of its shares must conform to the "absence of any major violations in the last three years". Xu Zhenbin to this, Shandong Choulans suspected of major labor violations, serious infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of many employees, there is a listing "mishap", should arouse the attention of the SFC.
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