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Xinhua Shanghai, May 23 (reporter Li) according to the Shanghai United Property Exchange to provide the latest market analysis, in the recent week, the real estate industry, the number of new projects listed the largest amount.  The real deal amounts to the financial sector. It is understood that in this week, the Shanghai property rights market turnover in front of the industry is the financial sector and the manufacturing sector respectively.  Among them, the financial industry 4 transactions a week, the transaction amount of 235 million yuan, manufacturing 12 transactions a week, the sum of transactions amounted to 177 million yuan. Market participants said that the stock of securities companies have been in hot pursuit of the market. Within this week, there were 4 successful trades in equity transfer projects for securities companies.  Among them, "Guotai Securities Co., Ltd. 5 million shares" transfer project, by way of auction, by an Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai acquisition, the transaction price of 80 million yuan, the total price of 16 yuan per share, competitive value-added rate reached 56.86%.  In addition, "Wanguo Securities Co., Ltd. 809,714 shares," the transfer of the project is also through the auction, and finally by a private consulting company in Shanghai, the transaction price of 7.0445 million yuan, the value of the bid rate reached 27.38%. This week the Shanghai property market new push listed projects the largest number of the industry is real estate, a week of new projects listed 3 cases, the total amount of the listing amounted to 290 million yuan. Second, the commodity retail industry one week new push listed items 2, the listing amount is 116 million yuan. In the new project, there are "Shanghai Sinopec Mansion Property Development Co., Ltd. 48% equity" transfer project, listing price of 113 million yuan, as well as "Shanghai Subway Xujiahui Station (South Channel) regional advertising Rights" transfer project, listing price of 1.28 million yuan. In a week, the Shanghai property market merger Index is up to 1105.31 points, the lowest 903.31 points, the maximum amplitude of 202 points a week.
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