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SEO tips on the topic has been seoer relish the topic, every day in the SEO forum, Webmaster Forum can see some webmaster and seoer friends in the sharing of their SEO skills. Most of them are very valuable, are seoer long-term practice in the summary of SEO optimization skills, here to share to you is gusu in the long-term SEO process accumulated skills experience. But the first time to share Oh. Top Secret Technology Oh!

SEO tips: Title, keywords, description of the three elements of the description should not be too long. Many webmaster friends are too cherish these three positions, and want to do all the keywords are included, in fact, this is wrong. We can find many large stations, especially in the SEO industry more well-known sites, their title keywords and description of tags are very simple to write. A concise and attractive title and description are more appealing to both users and search engines.

SEO tip Two: keyword distribution to be subtle, do not let your Web site at a glance all over the past. Many webmaster friends would like to improve the keyword density and emphasis, so will be deliberately in the site of the key parts of the keyword to do, and some also bold. It makes the traces of the optimization look heavy and the user experience poor. Keyword density is really important, but not at the expense of the user experience. And the keyword density too is not friendly to search engines, but can cause negative results.

SEO skills of the third: outside the chain construction do not greedy quantity. Although the ranking of key words is closely related to the construction of the chain, but it is not directly linked to the number of the chain, especially not with Baidu to check out the number of related fields equals. The chain should be more value quality, a good quality outside the chain is worth thousands of garbage outside the chain. So spend a little more time digging out the chain and not mechanical to the thread.

SEO Tips Four: Write an article by heart do not go to collect 100 articles. It is much better to write a high quality article than to collect hundreds of articles. What false original is a cloud. Baidu can see. Collected articles are often difficult to get good rankings, and there is a risk, ah. Write high quality articles with your heart. They can control the quality. Le! Search engine will not because of the number of your article to determine the level of your ranking, you see Zac Blog only hundreds of, but search SEO when people ranked much better. You collect thousands of thousands, not only not ranked also worry about being K.

SEO tips: In vain to deceive search engines, holding a lucky mind is undesirable. Now the Internet is full of tools, all kinds of links, soft text trafficking. A lot of owners are not able to resist the temptation, in fact, these things are not bad, some indeed in a period of time to bring a good ranking, but after all, not too much control, a temporary effective after all the risk is too high. Therefore, as we seoer, we must be diligent and practical. Only in this way can learn more SEO techniques and SEO techniques. can also make the rankings more stable.

Can think of SEO skill is above these 5 points, do not know to my dear friend is no use, but are the hands of the experience OH.

This article by Seo gu su blog | suzhou SEO expert editor to provide, you can Baidu Seo gu su can know!

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