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It's been 3 years since we came to Shanghai, 3 years, there has been no time to 3 years in Shanghai Web site production company network engaged in web site construction of some of the things written down, today to share my 3 years in sales experience, if you have better can be together to communicate with me.

Still vaguely remember, just at the beginning, I connect the phone should how and customer talk also do not understand, there is a time, I received a call, the customer asked me east, I answer the west, the old many jokes. Then there is no way, I simply and customer said, I am new to, you leave your contact, our manager back I let him first time and you get in touch, OK? I am very embarrassed myself, and then went to check some relevant information. Slowly I answer the phone with some of my own skills.

Remember, the first time I visited my clients, and the company is a big sister, in the website construction industry has been 10 years. I asked her to take me. During the preparation process, I asked the elder sister a lot of related questions. Elder sister, and I said, first, don't be nervous. You have to treat customers as your friends, don't be afraid to be asked by customers, because you do not understand, in front of customers you have advantages. Talk to customers, focus on the need to learn to listen. Be clear about the needs of your customers and use your prepared paper and pen records. The customer described in accordance with your understanding of detailed records down, back to the company to organize, analysis. According to the time agreed with the customer, I and eldest sister to the client company. I stood in an audit, and see how the elder sister is to communicate with customers.

The second time to visit the customer is also and the company has 10 years ago the experience of building a website brother. This client is in the cosmetics industry. I also sit and listen. It was time for them to communicate for nearly 1.5 hours. I'm feeling something.

Through these two times and their experience of seeing customers. At the same time I sorted out their two different site building techniques. I analyze and collate, combine their advantages, and their own understanding of the view. I have come up with my own sales skills. The third time to visit the client, I personally. It's a very successful sign, and it's a 10,000 list. This has been helped by the two of predecessors, but also with their own efforts.

After tasting the joy of this signing. I love this industry more and more. Spare time, I have learned some of the sales skills, read some books and classic sales master Chang Master's video, step-by-Step my sales practice improved. Plus I was born to love to deal with strangers, every time I go to the customer, are easy to sign, but also with many customers become friends. In our spare time, we will get together with each other.

Now 3 years, I look back, I found that I went to see customers not afraid of life. The customer as a friend, want to ask customers some of the relevant site construction needs, and some of their own suggestions, and then come up with a set of customer site construction proposal. On this website construction road, I did not experience any twists and turns all depends on very smoothly. Maybe it has something to do with my love. Oh, so, I just want to tell and I love this industry friends, customers will write down your experience and share with you, so that more beginners less detours. After all, different people, different ideas, experience, insights, combined, will be a huge sales wealth ah.

This article by the Professional Shanghai Web site Production Company Association Network ( Zhang Tingting edit share, forwarding please indicate the source and copyright ownership.

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