Shares of the building: the rebound smoothly stood last year line

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-Jiuding Zhu Huiling Company in Wuxi department store retail industry is located in the leading position, its main department stores Wuxi commercial mansion Wuxi Zhongshan Road, the golden position of the business circle. 2008 Annual report disclosed that during the reporting period, the company basically completed the most large-scale structural adjustment and store renovation in the history of department store retailing, the retail sales of department stores were 1.3 billion yuan a year, up 33%, net profit 101 million yuan. At the same time, the company is also a car sales leader.  Dongfang Automobile city has 23 car sales halls, car sales (mainly for cars) occupy a one-third of the market share of Wuxi. Secondary market, the unit since the beginning of last November to explore the bottom of the stage, the stock price is repeated oscillation disk rise pattern, but the cumulative increase is not big. In the repeated consolidation of the years after the pressure of the line, the recent rebound in volume, and in Monday, a smooth line, is expected to continue to rebound, further expansion of space, can be appropriate attention.
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