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Jia Yubao has hundreds of millions of of different loans in Shenzhen, is a special case in the country.  In the capital source abundant, the local market saturation, the silver letter cooperation call off, the issue of the foreign loan becomes the realistic choice which solves the capital outlet. Relevant data show that Shenzhen foreign loans accounted for about 1/3 of new loans in recent years, of which, the Bank of Shenzhen branch, CMB Shenzhen branch of the foreign loans accounted for about 2/3 of its total loans.  From 2007 to the first half of 2010, Shenzhen added local currency loans of 121 billion yuan, 171.1 billion yuan, 265.9 billion yuan, 141.5 billion yuan, to this 3.5 data total, Shenzhen accumulated new loans of 699.5 billion yuan, of which the loan is about 233.2 billion yuan.  With the increasing risk of foreign loans, under the supervision of regulatory authorities, the Shenzhen banking sector in the first half of the foreign loans become cautious, have to recover the stock of loans, effective control of new off-site loans.  However, in the face of up to 600 billion yuan in the deposit and loan gap, in the financial market bleak, the lack of financial management, the financial solution of Shenzhen banking industry still need to find direction. Hundreds of millions of of funds travel abroad, "Jilin City, the mayor of South Korea this time to the south, Xu president again to take everyone busy." August 2, a Shenzhen bank credit department Personage told the reporter. Projects and funds docking is almost every time the provincial and municipal leaders visit the core procedures.  This time to visit the mayor of the city is responsible for large-scale infrastructure projects deputy mayor, Xu Governor is in charge of the company's credit of the Shenzhen branch of the vice president, the two contacts and the close of the contact began with the geographical docking, because Xu is also a city of Jilin people. The credit department said that under the 4 trillion fiscal stimulus plan, the low starting point of the mainland has launched large-scale infrastructure projects, the large demand for funds, led to the expansion of foreign loans. The mainland banking competition is not sufficient, the amount of funds is limited, and Shenzhen's banks have strong bargaining power, the same qualification of enterprises in Shenzhen, the lending rate of more than 10%, while in the mainland interest rate can float 10%, natural is to do a foreign loan cost-effective.  From this, it also makes the bank credit personnel travel to visit the project, the implementation of loans after the regulation become the norm. He said that there are many ways to borrow in different places, follow the Shenzhen enterprises to go out, or the mainland provinces and cities to attract investment demand, can facilitate the loan.  In addition, Shenzhen itself is the immigrant city, this and the mainland's geographical, popular, blood relationship is to promote a foreign loan is another important factor. Shenzhen Banking Regulatory Bureau, a high-level in recent research found that the Bank of Shenzhen branch, the CMB Shenzhen branch of the foreign loans accounted for about 2/3 of its total loans.  Only 2009 years, the Bank of Shenzhen branch, the CMB Shenzhen branch of the new local currency loans of 19.188 billion yuan, 17.563 billion yuan, two of the total issued in the same year in different places loans nearly 25 billion yuan. In fact, as early as 2005, the phenomenon of Shenzhen's off-site loans has been quite common. The "Capital market report" from the neighboring city of Huizhou, Shenzhen, shows that at the end of September 2005, the bank in Huizhou loan balance of 20.96 billion yuan, the market accounted for 35.2%; the cumulative in the year Huizhou put 15.87 billion yuan, the cityField accounted for 57.8%. And Shenzhen, Guangzhou is the main source of foreign loans in Huizhou. At that time, such as the bank, CMB did not set up Huizhou branch, Huizhou credit market has naturally become the Guangdong-Shenzhen banking zone. Since then, Shenzhen's off-site loans continue to go out of the surrounding areas, near Hunan, Hainan, Guangxi, Predators southwest, northeast, northwest and other regions.  From then on, the total amount of loans invested in Shenzhen is estimated to exceed 300 billion yuan. Shenzhen banking capital of the four sides of the original intention of three, one is SSE and other financial markets brought large pools of capital, Shenzhen banking institutions in the first half of the year to increase the local currency deposits 1 billion yuan, Local currency deposit balance near 1.9 trillion yuan; second, Shenzhen local financial adequacy, Shenzhen State-owned enterprises direct financing channels, Shenzhen Large-scale infrastructure was completed a few years ago, is now in the investment income stage; third, Shenzhen's effective credit market is highly saturated.  In this case, Shenzhen Bank funds can only be transferred to the other side of the loan. Even now has hundreds of millions of of off-site loans, Shenzhen's banking sector is still only 69.41% of the loan-to-deposit ratio.  And the trend of increasing deposits, so that there is still a space for the growth of loans in different places, and the operation of the license plate without regional restrictions, market allocation of regional funds also let Shenzhen issued a foreign loan to find a valid reason. A remote loan with a slow brake of up to hundreds of millions of of off-site loans is a worry for regulators. As early as November 2005, Huizhou the CBRC formed a "banking supervision of the development of the report", that should be established across the region multi-level information communication and coordination mechanism.  However, there are few breakthroughs in the regulatory cooperation mechanism, especially in the supervision of the foreign loans, in the pattern of the territorial regulation, the territorial supervision and the diversification of the foreign loan area. But the risk of off-site loans is obvious. Some early off-site infrastructure loans, in the case of insufficient project collateral, were transferred to the local government to provide a guarantee and to protect against the loan risk by project proceeds and tax guarantee.  Now, when the mainland government's finances are strained by the big infrastructure, the risk of lending in different places is virtually increased.  At the same time, credit managers go on a solo supervision, or additional branches in different places but because of internal transfer is difficult to coordinate, but also to increase the cost of off-site supervision. The head of a credit department in Shenzhen said that, in fact, the issuance of off-site loans is a helpless move, huge bank funds must have exports. "It can be said that the remote loan is a sword of Damocles."  "Perhaps in view of this, some banks have begun to shift their thinking. "Due to the gradual completion of internal pricing, we find that the foreign loans are becoming more and more uneconomical, too much capital, not in line with the transformation of retail banking," said a person. At present, the main monitoring of the stock of off-site loans, as far as possible early recovery, and in the incremental loan has been limited. "The practice of CMB is becoming a common practice of many Shenzhen banks. "More and more stringent capital constraints, foreign loans can not bring the corresponding deposit, can not bring the intermediary business benefits, with the performance appraisal system changes, the credit department's interest demands more and more needService and obedience to the full line of comprehensive interest demands. "A person in Shenzhen's CBRC said that the huge amount of off-site loans could not be braked and the brakes should be towed." All give up, Shenzhen Capital export is difficult, let the development, the risk of supervision of different places increased.  In addition to the supervision of foreign loans in the appropriate guidance, to enhance concern, there is no good, after all, the supervision of remote loans to the project location. Shenzhen banking regulatory data show that in 2009, when the mainland's major infrastructure projects, Shenzhen, the new local currency loans increased by 262.905 billion yuan, an increase of 29.16%, and in the first half of the year, the modest correction in foreign loans, the new local currency loans only 141.479 billion yuan, the increase of only 12.15% (last year Shenzhen, The new national loan was mainly embodied in the first half of the year, far below the national average.
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