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Garbage station in the 07 scenery for a while, many stationmaster is at that time grew up. With the 08 Baidu algorithm of frequent adjustment, the garbage station seems to be a lot of silence. But the following is the SEO storm, the main webmaster forum is full of SEO figure. For a time, SEO became the garbage station stationmaster's life-saving straw. I also know Tong, Chustar ...! Chira "Dig potatoes" of the single page is let me admire the pleasantly. Originally thought, this kind of single page is purely the product of SEO, is for the test, will not be long, but did not think today unexpectedly in accidentally and found a wonderful single page, can be said to be another "rape" of Baidu.

I was in the analysis of the key words, found the "watch" this keyword, in the Baidu index daily attention of up to 80,000 times, Http:// And in the Baidu TOP50 there is no trace of it, so I intend to do a "watch" related to the garbage station. But in Baidu search for a while, find the relevant page about 22,600,000. Look at the row in front of several sites, the first is a single page site (not counted as a promotion). Http://
This makes me surprised, pure single page, the page is not exquisite, the content is empty, the slightest user experience, incredibly did Baidu first! I do not know which is the masterpiece of high man, have such a result, really let me admire! (Since the site is now open, simply grabbed the snapshot)

I carefully studied this page, title inside very concise, only "watch Net" and "Brand Watch network" two key words. Can say this title design is very exquisite, "watch" in the title appeared two times, "Watch Net" appeared two times, "Famous brand Watch" appeared once, "Brand Watch Network" appeared once, dapper!meta label did not set, do not know what the reason, is not Baidu does not pay attention to Meta, or webmaster afraid of being Baidu K. In the H1 label set up "Famous brand watch Net", I heard that Baidu attaches great importance to H1 label, I did not test, unknown. In the next page content, the total length of the page text is 457 characters, the key word "watch" appeared 31 times, the keyword density of up to 14%. I do not know stationmaster is to do up at once, or later add slowly, in short, so high density, will be Baidu K?

Then analyze the value of this single page. From the Baidu index can be seen, "watch" this keyword index up to more than 80,000. We press 80,000, according to my estimate, such a high index, for Baidu ranked first site, at least 50,000 daily traffic. This single page hung GG advertising Unit and link unit, did GG webmaster friends know, Advertising unit 1% of the click rate should belong to the normal range, and link units can reach 2% clicks or even higher, then 50,000 IP per day clicks should be at least 1000 times. Now GG Advertising Unit price has been very low, and some even low to a penny once. I estimate this single page site by the number of clicks and unit prices on my own website, so it has a minimum income of 20 dollars a day. This shows that a single page one months of income can reach 600 U.S. dollars. If this webpage can maintain one months in Baidu, even if be k, income is also expensive!

Above is my single page site of a little superficial understanding, not necessarily right, please forgive me! In addition, this single page site does not know which person to do, is for what purpose, now I said out, please forgive! The spirit of the Internet is to share! Finally, the ad time, I also modeled on this tall man made a single page, Annai Charcoal Wash White ( Just experiment, what experience, I will send again to share!

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