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Sig Pharmaceutical (600518,sh) 9th evening Notice that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Kang Mei Love large pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd. recently obtained by the Guangdong Food and Drug Administration issued by the "Internet Drug trading Service Qualification certificate", Sig love of the online shopping mall will provide consumers with drugs. "Daily economic news" reporter yesterday in the health and beauty of the online mall see, the current site has been running, but less product categories, only a fish oil soft capsule type of health care products and four food, including chrysanthemum tea and chrysanthemum Huang Tea plant beverages are sig pharmaceutical products of their own varieties. The electric business platform is the strategic core in fact, online shopping mall is only one step of the "big Electric quotient" plate of Kang Mei Medicine industry. In the 2013 earnings, SIG pharmaceutical industry for the first time proposed "E-commerce platform will become the core of the strategy", the company will be the whole industry chain of Chinese Medicine development model advocates to the role of the provider of change. SIG Pharmaceutical industry, the company has increased the information construction in recent years, involved in E-commerce, electronic payment, payment settlement and clearing system technology development. In the face of personal consumer model, will be based on traditional Chinese medicine services to build a healthy cloud platform, the establishment of Health E-commerce professional service platform. In fact, the SIG pharmaceutical industry experience in E-commerce operation and resource reserves have been very mature. Among them, Sig Chinese herbal Medicine Network is the Chinese herbal information portal, relying on its published sig Chinese herbal Medicine Price Index, is compiled by private enterprises National Herbal Medicine Index. Chinese herbal Medicine Bulk trading Platform (e Medicine Valley) on the line, the establishment of 6 listed varieties standard, turnover reached more than 200,000 tons, business electronic disk up to more than 5 billion yuan, is expected by the end of 2014, the total listed varieties of about 20. In addition, the company line under the combination of Chinese herbal medicines trading platform "Kang Mei Chinese Medicine City" is expected to be launched this 5 June. China Securities analyst said in the research report, e-commerce is the future of SIG pharmaceutical industry, the company's bulk trading platform can be called the "rookie logistics" of Chinese herbal medicine industry, the future can extend to the supply chain finance; In the context of "Kang Mei Love" as the core, it forms an open platform for doctors, medical institutions, trade associations, The government organization develops, thus forms the O2O pattern which covers the healthy whole industry chain. Industrial enterprises have the advantage of being a power supplier It is noteworthy that the performance of the SIG chain has not improved in recent years. According to the SIG pharmaceutical industry over the years, SIG's Love Big Pharmacy was founded in 2010, is SIG Pharmaceutical wholly-owned subsidiary, has been at a loss for nearly three years. of which 2011 years loss of 417,900 Yuan, 2012 to achieve revenue 8.492 million, loss of 1.147 million Yuan, 2013 revenue 11.62 million yuan, loss of 2.629 million yuan. "Kang Mei Pharmaceutical industry is a pharmaceutical enterprise, in the retail sector may not invest much." But the line under the model completely different, now do the retail electric dealer for SIG is starting from zero, the electricity business site upfront investment will be relatively large. "Wang Yanxiong, chairman of the online pharmacy, said in an interview with the Daily Economic news," the pattern of medical electricity is undecided and every entry has an opportunity. " Online Selling medicine and offlineRetail there is a big difference, sig Love performance and online mall can not do a good relationship. "Burning Money" is the traditional medicine to the market, Shaoqing director of the original impression, industrial enterprises do pharmaceutical electrical business site has a great advantage, if the attachment of its own varieties and channels in-depth prospects are good. "First of all, SIG pharmaceutical products have fixed consumer groups, self-built electric business platform is equal to more than a sales channel, to bring more profits for enterprises; Secondly, the SIG pharmaceutical research and development ability, according to the needs of users timely launch of new products, but also through the promotion of product channels to promote the platform of electronic business; Industrial enterprises often have to shop for the product layer, in the channel cost, directly through the promotion of electronic business platform can also control consumers. Shaoqing to the daily economic news reporter that industrial enterprises have a strong basis for electricity, but in the retail, channel business is relatively weak. In addition, the strategic positioning of the Electronic business platform is also very important. "It's hard to say how much it is now, but the business model is important." Industrial enterprises must first think, is intended to be the power of a strategic plate as a key development, or as a branch of many businesses to open up. ”
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