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Sinovel, which set a record for the board's highest issue price, tumbled 4.3% to 77.87 yuan yesterday. Since the listing two days, Sinovel wind power than 90 yuan price has fallen 13.5%. Some institutional investors are among the investors who sold on the first day of the IPO.  Yesterday, some fund company Personage pointed out, the institution sells behind, or for Sinovel wind power original shareholder curve "flee". On the first day of listing, several agencies dumped the public information released by the 13th Shanghai Stock Exchange, on the first day of the sale of Sinovel's top five seats, selling the largest number of seats in one body to sell the total amount of 29.647 million yuan, the third in a body to sell the total amount of 11.48 million yuan, in addition, Citic built the east straight door South Street,  State letter Shenzhen, such as the nine road, such as well-known sales department also listed. The Director of research, a fund company, says that for institutions and large companies, it is rare to execute a selling strategy on the first day of a stock listing, even if a first-tier debt base is not thrown.  The person pointed out that the institution in the big break case of the stock thrown, should be the original shareholder agreement pledged part.  These people said that, because the original shareholders in the hands of the current release of shares, they through the agreement will not be able to circulate the shares than market price discount to some of the institutions or large, and then borrow the online purchase of the hands of the stock thrown, wait until the circulation of their own shares, pay a certain cost after the shares returned to the organization.  From Sinovel's IPO, the company has 22 shareholders in addition to the National Social Security Fund, with a stake ranging from 900,000 shares to 180 million shares.  No one has lost 12,000 sinovel wind power in the first day of the market opening break, the first day turnover rate of less than 30%, and the Friday turnover rate is only 11.64%; This shows that more than half of the investors still hold the listed stocks. For those who are not sold, the loss has been widened to 12,000 yuan. This may also be one of the more serious losses in the recent equity market.  And from the bond-type fund, which has been awarded with Sinovel, the number of bond-type funds which have been allocated a lot of shares fell yesterday. For the Fund, the issuance of the IPO from a proportional distribution to the lottery, a large increase in the number of individual funds allotment, so that the fund in the new shares break under greater pressure.
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