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As a member of the seoer, I think our common goal is only one, that is the ranking of the site. All of our efforts are made to make our site a better performance in search engines. And in our efforts to continue to work hard to make, whether you think your direction is wrong, your SEO is "Shirung" attention to some unrealistic information. Cause the site's development direction is wrong, the result is struggle result is in situ circle. The following author on the site for our analysis of data, to interpret a few of our easy to appear misunderstanding.

1:100-degree snapshots

Often in some forum blog to see a lot of people talk about Baidu snapshot importance of the post, the content is nothing but Baidu snapshot update slow, snapshots do not update or snapshots backwards, many are wondering whether the site was the search engine down the right, how to save and so on. Even some webmasters will be snapshots and the weight of the site directly linked to the more timely Baidu snapshot, that is, the site's weight higher, in the exchange of friends in the chain, snapshots are also included in the key indicators. In fact, this is a false view. Baidu official also gave a clear explanation, as shown in the following picture, we can see Baidu Webmaster Community Administrator Lee has directly posted this erroneous point of view.


Second: Included quantity

In the webmaster circle has a very common understanding, that is the site is included in the page more, for the site is more favorable, the ranking will be better. In fact, this is also a wrong point of view, the site can not be included with the weight of the hook. Some stationmaster even when the Exchange friend chain time request collects the quantity to be willing and the exchange. And we see the high volume at the same time, whether aware of the quality of these included pages. Some of the poor quality of the page can be included, but often can not get a good weight, as shown in the following picture of a movie site, we can see included has arrived, but Baidu's weight forecast is only 2, a small site included hundred, weight to 2 is not a problem, We can see that the weight and inclusion can not be linked to the equal sign.


Of course, there are adsense for the one-sided pursuit of the collection, a large number of updates every day, updated content, although the quality is good, but inevitably will appear most of the site and the content of the topic of low relevance. And if the long-term, site operation will be hindered, this part of the page included, although the number of high, quality, but the flow of unrelated to the site is more harm than good.

Third, outside the chain of data

For the chain, many webmasters can not be very good definition, blindly believe that the site's outside the chain is webmaster tools or domain instructions after the data. And if you're chasing this data, it's certainly a Shirung performance. For example, we make the domain quality query the so-called "outside the chain" of the result map:


We can see that these so-called outer chains are not some real outside chains, exactly the related fields. There are only some direct or indirect links with our site. But some people wonder how our true chain of inquiry will be. Since Yahoo closed the chain query channel, the current free Chinese outside the chain query tool I have not found. The data mentioned above can only be used as reference. I believe that in the near future there will be more accurate outside the chain of inquiry tools.

In the mirror flower, the water to catch months, Qu Hungry near Yi. As a webmaster we need to have a momentum, at the same time we also need to have a good analytical heart, timely analysis of our SEO direction, so as not to appear "Shirung" dilemma. The above is the weight loss Drug Authority rankings site data analysis to share some of the experience, hoping to help novice webmaster less take detours.

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