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1. Website optimization

Website Optimization How important I will not nonsense, we should be very clear, focus on the design site optimization considerations:

(1) Web site optimization link is the search engine spiders crawl down the important line, but also to ensure that the site channel interoperability between the bridge, strongly recommend the use of text links;

(2) Do not use embedded JS file way to achieve SEO optimization, if you use search engine spider simulation crawling tool detection crawl to the URL, you will find that the site navigation links for search engines are not see;

(3) Also do not recommend the use of JS code to implement the Drop-down menu, if you have to, at least make sure that the mouse is zoned to the navigation area when the navigation link is a text link, but also can be clicked, at the same time, it is recommended to add a page at the bottom of all the columns of the text link area to make up;

(4) If I want to use the picture as SEO optimization, then the picture is optimized, to the picture link to the main key words of the page as ALT content, in addition to the picture with a text link as a supplement;

(5) SEO optimization in the text link how to place from the UE point of view is somewhat fastidious, this is related to the importance of the site channel or the characteristics of the site, generally the more important channels are placed in the beginning, of course, you can do a sensory classification of the channel to distinguish; From an SEO perspective, The idea of channel name is a complicated process, it needs us to do a detailed understanding of the channel content and research the main keywords of the channel;

Example: to site as an example: This station is the tea network, mainly to Anxi Tieguanyin mainly, so the station around this began to make a fuss, I just said, need research, you can begin to act now.

2.SEO Company

On the concept of SEO company and the role of many in the network, simply said, SEO Company's significance is to clearly inform the user is currently in the site of what position, the user through the navigation quickly reached the superior page, this navigation design should be opened in the current window.

The SEO company should list the names and links of all the parent pages (logical structure) of the user's page. Note: Here is the text link, if your channel name, category name, sub category name design is good enough, you will find that the inner page is through the keyword Anchor text link to the superior page, If there are thousands of pages of content, there will be thousands of pages in the keyword anchor text to point to the category page or channel page!!!

Should the SEO company in the content page list the article title? Should I add a URL link to the article title? I did not study from the SEO point of view whether there is a difference, I personally think it is best not to add URLs, but the URL of the parent page must be added.

3. Relevance link

Relevance links do not have a specific pattern, I am looking at it as a strategy, the article page can list the relevance of the article, can also list the relevance of the search results, according to this idea, under this category of TOP10, click Ranking, the previous article, the next article can also become a relevance link.

If the user browses through an article, the article content at the end provides the related article, the user is likely through the related article to dig deeply, until the user interest to this topic disappears, but this way can let the user achieve the maximum satisfaction, because the content is the continuity.

For example: I am very interested in shoe style, often to see the international shoes online The latest shoe pictures, PS: The latest hundred Li shoe style, some articles contain the picture of Belle shoes, and some of the boots of the picture, anyway, my demand is very simple, is to see hundred Li, and the appropriate relevance link layout can save me a lot of time to find, watching pictures, whim, want to buy a pair back to wear look, so think, if the following can provide a Belle shoes quotation page that is so good!!!

Note: I do not subscribe to a topic content page link to other subject content pages unless both are doubly relevant.

4. Sitemap

First of all, first of all, I give you a look at the international footwear Network produced by the site Map page, is currently in use, links placed at the bottom of the site, site map is convenient for users to find information quickly, should be on the home page to give links to.

I have not considered in the site map to join the international footwear Network of all content pages, it is terrible, it is estimated that my hard drive will not fit, HOHO.

For the international footwear Network, the site map has a link to the channel page and the subordinate category page text links is enough, more importantly, I want to let users know very clearly what the international footwear Network can provide and the characteristics of the international footwear network where; for midsize sites, I still recommend adding text links to content pages in the site map, I very much hope that through the technical means can be generated by the article keyword with the article title as anchor text link site map, and control the number of links and automatic paging.

The last thing to say is:

1. The homepage, the channel page, the category page, the column page and so on are the list page, its content is by the link anchor text composition

2.URL design best with the logical structure of the site, according to the tree structure downward design, the directory level depth does not affect the effect of the SEO (according to the site itself), everything to simulate the user's logical thinking to decide, there is no user needs less time to click to reach the content page better situation, Or you can understand from another angle, remember: thelessismore, if the site provides search function, that each page I can use 2 clicks to achieve, do not need site navigation exists, just like you search keywords on google, but we can not fully simulate the user's search behavior.

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