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Attention to detail, details determine success or failure. In fact, do SEO optimization is the same, do not pay attention to his details will appear a lot of unnecessary trouble, affect the effect of optimization, directly lead to your site success or failure.

Do optimization to know that Search engine optimization includes three major aspects-content, keywords and links. Website Optimization experience believe that you are very rich webmaster. In the Xiaofeng software company engaged in lottery website program site optimization for so many years, many times some details of the aspect still can't control very well.

Content: Website can stay in the user, mainly to see the content, so in the lottery website program site content construction, I will own original or false original some wonderful content. The article that attracts the user can let the user increase the time that stays on my website.

But there is a detail of things we often ignore, the article is original, but the content and the site does not match. As if I do lottery related sites, mainly to the lottery website program such content mainly, if suddenly add some beauty, medical treatment, etc. and the lottery is not related to the content, then even if your article is original, also can not achieve the optimization effect.

Webmaster to stand in the user's point of view to consider the problem, the purpose of building a website? Want to get what information from your website, only own article achieves the user's satisfaction, only then can retain the user you can also from some things to talk about your own opinion, these article content also if unifies the website nature, In the quality and quantity of the same time should also pay attention to the background of the combination era.

2, Key words: Key Words can deposit the article

Webmaster also know that the key words in the article, but many people ignore this problem, treat the keyword so-so, casually fooled, such a practice is very unwise. If I do the lottery website program a keyword, then my keyword optimization from the title to the content should be taken into account. Do a good job of website optimization, the key word is essential, so keyword optimization is essential, but also to do his ranking from Baidu above can see the key words, his rankings are by keyword ranking to achieve.

3, Links: Good site links played a role in the bridge

In today's great age, the exchange of Web sites is also a trend, is essential. Webmaster can be reflected in the relevant recommendations above the site. Search engine How to crawl information These are all known, he can not all the data crawled. This shortcoming is solved by the link between the website. This also can get many benefits, also make everybody learn progress, why not do?

Therefore, the site optimization of this topic is the need for webmaster friends to continue to learn, improve, according to their own content of the site to get a reasonable explanation, continuous learning, the content of the site to enrich the keyword to optimize and so on.

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