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Site space parameters, you know how much, recently, because to do a website, so, the space of this research is still a little deeper, to share this time for the choice of site space some skills and some of our webmaster to buy space when should pay attention to place it.

Space, generally we buy space are made up of the following factors, operating system, capacity size, database size, monthly traffic restrictions, the number of concurrent connections, whether independent IP, line, and CPU; these are some of the most common spatial attributes we see when we buy space. Just say the respective attribute values.

1 Operating system

A. Operating system is divided into, win and Linux series, where win is commonly used is that we see IIS, can support the program has "Asp+php+zend+gd+aspjpeg+mysql", there are so many, and Linux is used as a PHP program, Generally we use the most common is the Php+mysql database program production site.

B. Two difference is that the virtual host of the word win host can not open gzip compression, while the Linux host can use the. htaccess file for compression, cache development, direct 301 jump and so on the function of the site, so as to improve the speed of the site and access speed, so in these two host, I personally prefer Linux host, using the Php+mysql program.

2 Space capacity + database capacity

Spatial and database sizing, if you want to do a site, you should first estimate the size of this site, the general space capacity of 1G is a bit large, and the database 300M has been very large, remember the previous use of WordPress, the database 50M, you can put thousands of blog posts; And you should first understand that your site is using dynamic database calls, or the same as the CMS system features to generate static placed locally, thus taking up space size, reduce the pressure of the database.

General Dynamic is directly called the database file, if the number of visits, may appear card situation; Generally I suggest, generate static page, reduce the database call, release this pressure; So at the beginning of the site, you should decide how you plan to do the site.

3 Monthly Flow Limit

In this case, many hosts have a monthly traffic limit problem, prevent the host traffic too much to affect the normal use of other users, in fact, this is the case, traffic, but also according to the site, if your site weight will continue to rise, can be estimated in advance one months need to how much flow range to ensure that no downtime, General a space 30G site monthly traffic is very good, you can support a good flow control.

4 link concurrent number and CPU

These two points together say, concurrent number, many hosts are unrestricted concurrency, in fact, it is not unrestricted or by adjusting the CPU utilization rate to adjust the impact of the site pressure on the entire server, IIS concurrency number, remember I bought the million network space, has asked 200 of people at the same time per second access, that is, concurrent number, But I think this will not be, after all, visit the site and the image of the visit and call, can reach 100 people at the same time access has been very good.

And CPU, remember last directly with Dedecms a key update, cause the website hangs The machine, said the CPU use is too high, visible each space to the CPU to have the control pressure, certainly will have a limit, if exceeding the limit may affect own website use; this point, please friends do not believe anything not limited, There is definitely a limit to that, but in places we can't see, we restrict space.

5 Independent IP and line

Standalone IP: Simply put, is this IP only you can use, you can place a lot of their own web site, this is the role of independent IP, the advantage of this IP is the specificity of IP, not like the sharing of IP, may be an IP violations, Cause a server All IP is down, all by the search engine vetoed, this is also most webmaster feel independent IP benefits. Independent IP, in fact, can choose when the choice is not wrong, at least for the site is by the benefit.

Line: Domestic lines are divided into telecommunications and netcom, as well as multi-line and dual-line, the domestic supply of multiple-line mainframe space is not much, the use of multiple-line mainframe can significantly improve the overall web site access speed, to avoid the telecommunications station, Netcom user access to slow the awkward and netcom users access to telecommunications station. And there is a host is foreign host, foreign host, as a result of the domestic will have a certain bandwidth restrictions, which caused the speed of access generally unpleasant, not much or some reverse very good space, this can be found in accordance with the word of mouth. and dual-line mainframe, is a dual-line dual IP, many hosts use this method to avoid the loss of users, but two of IP to search engines, individuals feel or not suitable, after all, two IP access will always have that conflict. The individual recommends using a multi-line host. Most of the space is a telecommunications host, so you can lose a part of the user access to the Netcom, dual-line host may have an impact on the SEO, these pros and cons are to weigh their own.

6 various tests before purchase

Before you buy a host, please try to test the space you buy, in general, there are 7 days of probation, testing included, upload speed, download speed, stability test, and then basically every day is used once, so you can see the overall performance of the host, or with the PHP probe, Look at the overall server configuration is also possible, after all, understand the overall for the purchase is a big role.

These are my recent understanding of the space situation, I hope to help everyone, but also hope that every friend can find the most suitable for their own host. Xiaoshan Move stationmaster Original,, hope oneself use host can satisfy condition, obtain good flow and rank, OK, come on

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