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Recently did an experiment, about the site to stop updating, Google and Baidu and Yahoo is how to deal with such a new station. Some data is published below:

QQ space free Code Station Update 2 months later, I consciously stop updating for one weeks, according to the log observation found that the spider in the 4th day after the stop from a good dozens of times down to 1 times a day. After I restore normal update, 3 updates a day one weeks after Baidu snapshot recovery, spider crawl times back to normal.

She decorate-make-up teacher training community This station, last year updated 2 months later, because the family something caused no update until the first one months. Baidu included down into the 0,yahoo down into the 0,google to maintain the original number of changes in the page. Since March to resume the update, the 2nd day after the update Baidu included home, Yahoo on the 3rd day included home. Google also began to restore the collection, spiders crawling slowly increased. This cycle lasts for half a month.

Large portal Global Hospital online line 2 years, a week to stop a day, a period of time to stop more than one weeks. Search engines do not see the impact.

Integrated three sites, you can see. Search engine to the new station stop more change the biggest, to the old station influence is not very big, at the same time the new station restores also relatively fast.

I understand this in a few ways:

1. New station because the line time is not long in the study so the site update frequency and stability is more sensitive, I se is by these factors to a new station rating a grade.

2. For the stop more long station Baidu, Yahoo processing Way is to delete the main index. I 211.html "> think it should be put into the supplementary material, so restore the update will soon be included and released."

3. For the formation of a certain level of the large stations, to stop the update for a period of time, the impact is not large, because the level of the site has been formed and stable.

I personally think that Google to stop more user-friendly processing, do not delete pages, after all, these pages can contribute to netizens. stationmaster feeds, reprint please specify.

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