"Sniper: Phantom Warrior" received 5.0 low ratings from overseas media

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A recent "Sniper: Phantom Warrior" is about to unveil a patch to solve some of the most troubling problems of the moment. At the same time also hope to have not released the score dismissed point of face, but obviously IGN can't wait, today just gave the score, the total score is only 5.0. But nothing unusual, serious bugs almost ruined the game, which previously touted the use of Chrome Engine 4 engine screen effect, the screen items are only 7.5 points.  But will the future patch really save the game?  Sniper: Phantom Warrior Score: Overall feel 6.0 points: This game is sandwiched in the static menu and the boring, formatted reading screen of the sandwich.  Screen Performance 7.5 points: Some lighting effects make part of the game exciting, but bad character model and unstable frame rate destroy this experience.  Sound Performance 6.5 points: adhere to the fixed form of music and voice actor's strong South American accent makes people know it's Nolan North.  Hands-on experience 5.5 points: Sniper system did a good job, but the tragedy of the level design, heavy running and gun-changing design destroyed the bright spot.  7.0 points: Single game mode contains about 12 hours of game time, multiplayer mode also provides a number of different ways to play. Overall Rating: 5.0 minutes final Comment: "Sniper: Ghost Warrior" in some scenes can really play moving. But this is far from enough. Many players eager to find a different shooter have turned their eyes to phantom warrior, but it is very disappointing. Players prefer the game "armed Assault 2" or "Flash point action 2". However, the city Interactive will soon release the patch, do not know how many games can be resolved in the game. (Edit Zhang Xing)
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