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Ministry of Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo said yesterday that to promote social forces to participate in the development of pension services, the implementation and improvement in the land supply and other preferential policies, but also to expeditiously formulate government subsidies, purchase services, old age subsidies and other new policies, and timely rise to regulations and regulations.  For the lack of legal norms and sufficient government support for private pension institutions, this statement is undoubtedly a big positive. Social endowment to cope with the aging key "and you grow Old together", for a country, such a romantic word behind is the grim test of pension problems.  The transformation from the traditional family endowment to the social power is the key to the aging problem in China. From the international experience, the pension service institutions in developed countries have a population of 50-70 beds per thousand.  In China, the number of people over 65 years old has only 23.5 beds per thousand, which is obviously difficult to meet the needs, statistics show that at present, there are more than 50% empty nests in urban and rural areas, some large and medium-sized cities reach 70%; Taking Beijing as an example, the current number of old-age beds in the city is about 65,000, only about 2.5% of the elderly stay.  According to a survey by the Beijing Bureau of Statistics, 31.6% of the respondents said they might choose to stay in pension institutions. At present, the total number of old-age beds in China accounts for only 1.59% of the national elderly population, not only below the developed countries ' 5%-7% ratio, but also lower than some developing countries ' 2%-3% levels.  Shing, vice minister of civil Affairs. Li Liguo said that in the "Twelve-Five" period of giving priority to the development of social endowment Service, the Social endowment Service should be fully developed, the urban street community has the Social endowment service function, the society has the Family Endowment service organization, the County (district) has the comprehensive Social Welfare Center, the district city has many endowment service organization  Every thousand old people have all kinds of old-age beds up to 30, rural "Wu Bao Zhuolu" concentrated support rate of more than 40%.  Shing said that to build a model of pension institutions, to speed up the infrastructure construction of pension institutions for the social endowment services to provide a carrier. Old-age service takes the lead in the use of high-quality social workers "like kindergarten, public nursing homes break their heads, and private nursing homes are neglected."  "Beijing Pine Tang Hospice hospital Dean Zhulin told reporters, although enjoy tax exemptions and other preferential policies, but the institutions, the common people do not want to choose, resulting in most of the private pension institutions in large numbers of beds idle, operating beyond their means." "The lack of legal norms, the real let private pension institutions struggling." Professor Zhang Chewei, deputy director of the Institute of Population and Labor economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that the private pension industry in China is a mixed bag, specialization and standardization level is in urgent need of promotion, many expensive nursing homes and the price is not directly proportional "The key to developing the endowment industry is to establish a legal framework, and China is now in a state of no frame and complete disorder." "To enhance the professional level of socialized old-age service, high quality talent team is very important." To Old-ageNursing staff For example, the national potential demand of about 10 million, but the current access to professional qualifications of only tens of thousands of people.  Shing said that China will take the lead in the field of pension services to cultivate and use a number of highly qualified social workers, training and the introduction of senior professional personnel, in colleges and secondary vocational and technical schools in the provision of pension services related professional and curriculum, training in geriatric medicine, nursing, nutrition and psychological professionals. Zhulin said that the construction of nursing homes is a risk industry, China can follow the foreign insurance mechanism, to provide full insurance for the endowment, exempt the operator's worries, promote the development of private pension institutions. "For example, an elderly person in a nursing home accident, the hospital will bear the responsibility, but how to bear, how much, and there is no law to regulate this, sometimes an old man's compensation can make nursing homes for a year." "Social endowment will get more capital" in fact, the Government has introduced a number of support for private pension institutions, but not fully implemented. Xia Xueluan, a professor of sociology at Peking University, says that in the case of land supply, few local governments are willing to take out land and build nursing homes in places where transportation is convenient and the environment is good. "Through these years of investigation I found that most private nursing homes because of land use problems, built in the distance from the city center, leading to life and medical treatment of elderly people is very inconvenient."  He also pointed out that the lack of government funds, making some pension institutions poor hardware conditions, hindered the operation and development. To restrict the development of private pension institutions, Li Liguo said that market-oriented, social forces to participate in the development of pension services. He pointed out that the State has developed social welfare services and pension service institutions, in the capital investment, land supply, tax relief, social financing, government subsidies, water supply and heating, free services, such as the introduction of a series of preferential policies, to take measures to implement, but also to expeditiously formulate government subsidies, purchase services, old age subsidy and other new policies,  and the positive policies to increase in time for regulations and regulations.  Shing said that increasing capital investment is the key task to promote the construction of social endowment service system in China in the future. will establish the pension service subsidy system, to low-income elderly, living alone, disability and other old-age pension difficulties, after assessment, take the form of government subsidies, for them to stay in the pension institutions or receive community, home pension services to provide support. In the operation mode of the pension institution, Zhangxiaofeng, director of the Ministry of Social Welfare and charitable promotion, said that the relevant departments in the future can explore the implementation of public-built private sector in some areas, the government will be completed by the state-owned pension service agencies entrusted to the management and operation of non-governmental organizations, the current in That is to be in the construction stage of the private pension institutions, according to the size, investment and so on to give the corresponding funding model can be widely promoted; for the official opening of private pension institutions, the number of beds and the actual number of adoptions can be given a certain operating subsidy. Commercial newspaper reporter Li Zijun
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