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A good soft article success, not from the thoughtful title. The good title in addition to readers to read, but also to choose the place where spiders often go, so that search engines like, the author for this preliminary attempt to obtain some small experience, hoping to share with webmaster online users.

First, the title must grasp the characteristic, must learn to follow the key words

In the creation of a mobile website to promote the soft text title, I think that "mobile" is a keyword, but too hot, not easy to be search engine Pro Lai, and certainly is a need to bid the keyword, should not be embedded alone, so I grabbed the combination of words, from the mobile phone station to the user perspective, think how they want to search, Hope to get what result, after deep thinking and analysis, I think, as a search for a mobile site users, is sure to find a comprehensive and in the industry generally welcome the site, so I put the "mobile phone first industry" This combination of words embedded title, and then meticulous thinking: Why the combination of "first" and not combined "best"? A little understand SEO should understand, "best" is a prefix adjective, and "first" is a fixed phrase, it on the search engine affinity is certainly greater than the former. So I identified the "mobile phone first industry portal" as the title, the results of Baidu ranked on the first page, bringing effective traffic, rather than random traffic without purpose.

Second, the title is conditional on the combination of hot publicity

There are netizens Taobao on a very popular T-shirt, based on the current popular cartoon theme, this subject from "Official disclosure of property", with a trend in some groups popular. Noon today, the urgent wording, grass on the promotion of soft text, the results of 12:53 on-line, less than two o'clock was Baidu crawl, achieved very obvious results, and search ranked first. You can try to search in Baidu "comic series T-shirt off!" or "T-shirt off! and several other types of statements are ranked first! For its Taobao page to take a certain amount of traffic, this is the hot-times in the soft text title of the attempt to apply.

Third, choose to update frequent search engines love to go to the site to put your soft wen

There is no doubt about this, for example: You can publish your soft text in a portal site, in various forums, but you need to have a certain foundation conditions, otherwise it is not, and another is published to the "webmaster net" so that the conditions of the release of soft text, the author of the above two soft article because it is to face consumers, not just to look after the search engine , so the choice of a soft text can be published, but also directly with links to the site to increase the chain, and directly to the face of the Web site, including ordinary users, that is, under the development of the station: Love my Love net. Baidu every day nothing to stroll, address will not stay. If webmaster friends want to recommend their site, directly in Baidu search "Love Me Love Nets", ranked first is the station. Hope it can give your love station to bring effective flow and external chain.

The above is my soft article title on some of the exploration, I hope to give you help, I would like to know what you have in this regard, say that everyone exchanges and exchanges. Thanks for reading!

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