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In recent years, China's online game market has developed rapidly and become one of the most important components of the global digital entertainment market. According to the Ministry of Culture "2009 China online game Market White Paper" Summary, the 2009 China's online game market size (including the game revenue for players, excluding overseas export revenue and through other profit models to obtain income) for 25.8 billion yuan, an increase of 39.5%. Among them: Domestic network game market size reached 15.78 billion yuan, an increase of 41.9%, accounting for the overall market size of 61.2%.  By the end of 2009, a total of 361 large online games in the Chinese market were open testing or commercial operations, with a 68 increase compared with the same period in 2008. As a network game, the protection of intellectual property rights is very high, the network game software itself enjoys copyright protection, mainly including computer program copyright, art works copyright and so on. Computer programs also include client software, server-side software, and so on. The network game belongs to the new industry which realizes the creativity by the technical means, therefore, the intellectual property protection is the network game Enterprise healthy Development important factor. However, the rapid development of China's online game industry, all kinds of tort phenomenon is very serious, tort mode is also diverse, especially the current market popular online game has become a direct infringement object. For example, the network game (Kangaroo Network game server), "plug-in" profit and so on, these actions have greatly damaged the legitimate interests of the major network gaming enterprises, the development of the entire industry has caused serious impact.  Each big network game enterprise also through each kind of way attacks the network game infringement behavior, protects own intellectual property rights. Sohu Tour Co., Ltd. in 2003 as Sohu's gaming division began operating a large multiplayer online role-playing game (MMOPRG) business, and in December 2007, split into an independent company. Currently operates a large multiplayer online role playing game "Tianlong eight." 2007, "Tianlong Eight" by the International Data Company (IDC) as China's most popular online game third, and for several consecutive years to obtain a variety of Chinese local online game awards. April 2010, Sohu Tour will be officially launched "Tianlong eight" continued as "Tianlong eight 2".  In addition, Sohu swims a variety of network games such as "Deer Ding kee", "Big Liar", "sword Hero", etc. also in the active production or promotion process. Sohu swims in the game cause gradually develop the stage, Nationwide also appeared a large number of "Tianlong eight" and other online games, "plug" and "illicit" "plug" to promote the site and other tort. In this regard, Sohu Tour company management attaches great importance to, and set up a special intellectual property department, the relevant departments and personnel in the protection of intellectual property rights of the main responsibilities, and provide a large number of human and financial support.  Through the cooperation with the administrative law enforcement agencies and the judicial organs, we have cracked down on the tort such as "illicit servers" and "external plug-ins". However, Sohu Tour in the process of safeguarding rights also met XuMany difficulties, according to Sohu tour in charge of the director, some areas of IDC do not cooperate, or with the "server" erection of collusion, refused to close or closed after repeated open; a large number of violators will be "server" and "external" propaganda website set up in foreign servers, to escape the blow, Have brought great difficulties to their rights-defending work. and the website domain name management organization, domain name registration service organization Coordination degree is low, as well as through search engines such as Baidu "Tianlong Eight", "Tianlong" or "tianlong" and other keywords on the emergence of a large number of links to the site or forum, in order to violate the network game "Tianlong eight" legitimate rights and interests of the "servers", Plug and steal to provide downloads, sales, publicity and other illegal service information, resulting in adverse publicity effects. In addition, it is difficult to obtain evidence in criminal cases, and the cost of investigation and forensic identification is high and cycle is long.  Sohu to maintain their legitimate rights and interests brought difficulties. Still, Sohu's head of the tour said that the protection of intellectual property rights is still an important work, because Sohu enjoy the experience of the intellectual property rights will bring benefits and benefits, will unswervingly protect intellectual property rights, to promote enterprise development and innovation to provide an important guarantee. (Edit Zhang Xing)
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