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Game designer must know four links

The first step, the responsibility to get through your favorite game, you may stop and think: "How amazing game Ah!" I wish I could make the same amazing game as it is! "Why don't you start acting?" But how do I become a game designer? What skills and qualities do I need? What is a game designer doing? Before becoming a game designer, there are a lot of important questions to answer. So I decided to write a series of related posts! Next, let's discuss the 1th part: What is the task of a game designer? Responsibility 1: Create experience Exper ...

A two-year job as a programmer for 66 days

As a contemporary young people, we have painstakingly built in fact nothing more than--is love and career, have a sweet love can become our cause of development to provide a motivation, and a good career is more to provide protection for love, or can become the pursuit of love capital. We are all longing for the cause we want to have, or to be rich, or to work easily, to grow our horizons, or to be able to make friends. But in many cases, the jobs we initially chose were not what we wanted, and they could be the wrong fork or the ladder to the ultimate goal. So...

A great gathering of geek web development resources

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby front-end development has become one of the hottest technology.   We summarize the front-end development of the relevant technologies and trends, hope that you can dig out what you need, and bring you the most valuable help! Original from: Geek Tag use code playback to learn the front end knowledge happily-Tech2ipo originality Programming learning in the most painful place is: you try to understand the idea of learning objects, but the general teaching materials in the way of transmission blunt, for the novice programmer ...

Round Table: Passion and pragmatic frontline entrepreneurs experience wisdom to share

Passion and pragmatic frontline entrepreneur experience wisdom to share news and information 2013 China Internet entrepreneur Conference May 11 in Beijing. The theme of this session, "embracing the mobile internet in a comprehensive way", includes nearly 50 high-end guest speeches and round-table forums.   News and science and technology to the General Assembly of the whole report. The following is "passion and pragmatic frontline entrepreneurs experience wisdom to share" forum record: Moderator: You are not a big old introduction, because time is short. The problem is very simple, the first question directly into this link, we today the General Assembly is a full embrace move ...

Media says game classes can be considered to cater to students ' needs

Computer games, especially the development of online games in the ascendant, has become the entertainment, economy, culture, technology and many other aspects of a major bright spot. And some overseas universities have opened computer game professional, but also show the vast future of computer games immeasurable. More and more people are gradually recognizing that: computer games is not a scourge, as long as the control is appropriate, and will not be the primary and secondary school students to learn and rest too much negative impact; On the contrary, if not addictive, not indulge in it, the appropriate game entertainment will also play a broadening of the role of knowledge, reaction, Analysis 、...

Programmer interviewing has been a popular topic for community discussion

Since I worked as an internship in 2006, I have experienced four software companies, all of them foreign companies, among which are Fortune 500 telecommunications companies, middle-sized European financial companies engaged in options futures trading and Android development for large automobile manufacturers. Emerging companies in smart cars. Since entering the IT industry, I have been interviewed for many times during the job search process. In the past two years, I have also had many interviews with other people's experiences. I feel now to express my views on this issue, this article is a stand-in reflection of the interviewer's point of view on the programmer interview and experience summary ...

Du Liang: A letter to freshmen of e-commerce majors

Is confused, hesitation, complain of E-commerce professional students, you good: This letter is written to the freshmen, but I believe that any level or even graduated from the E-commerce professional students have a role. Every year I can see and hear too many e-commerce majors complaining, yesterday, my alma mater, Xiangtan University, a classmate of electronic commerce and told me that now 07 class freshman was hit very seriously, at the same time, 05, 06 students are also complaining, complain all over the sky, and even a few students have turned professional. In spite of all these years, I have seen no ...

Ten masters of artificial intelligence who have changed the world

In 1948, Allen Turing, the father of computer science, and Claude Shannon, the father of information science, independently developed the basic algorithms still used in today's chess programs.

14 Questions for Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley technology companies

Absrtact: 1, what is the hottest and most famous High-tech start-up company in Silicon Valley? In Silicon Valley, we are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to talk about entrepreneurship, I also through their own some observation and accumulation, saw a lot of recent years, the emergence of the popular start-up companies.   I'll give you a 1. What are the hottest and most famous High-tech startups in Silicon Valley at the moment? In Silicon Valley, we are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to talk about entrepreneurship, I also through their own some observation and accumulation, saw a lot of recent years, the emergence of the popular start-up companies. I give you a list, this is China ...

14 Questions for Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley technology companies: Valuation Bubbles/Big Data

From the Silicon Valley firm, to everyone's discussion of the bubble problem, how large data and artificial intelligence combined? What is the prospect of science and technology in the 2015? Dong Fei, a Coursera software engineer from Silicon Valley, sorted out the dry goods and various occasions in his recent Stanford public lectures to share with you. He has a hands-on experience, as well as a detailed analysis of some of the companies that have worked or studied in depth, such as Hadoop, Amazon, and LinkedIn. Dong Fei page Here, the mailbox is Dongfeiwww@gmail ....

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