Some areas of thermal power enterprises to reduce the price of electricity to mitigate losses

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Our News (reporter Zhang Yan) yesterday, the reporter to learn more than the interview, the domestic power plants in some provinces and cities, electricity prices have been raised, adjusted to 1 points-3 points/degree.  But the terminal electricity price which is closely related to people's life, including the resident electricity price, has not been adjusted.  China Merchants Circulation Productivity Promotion Center analyst Li Ting told reporters, this is another government to adjust the price of two steps, 2008 the state increased the price of the Internet, until the second half of 2009, the end of the electricity price is up, so the short-term price will not be adjusted. Yesterday, Zhang, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said publicly that the NDRC would indeed adjust electricity prices in some areas. Reporter found that the adjustment of electricity prices mainly for the loss of serious Shanxi, Henan and other fields of thermal power enterprises.  Among them, the most serious loss of Shanxi region, the internet price increase of 0.026 yuan/degree. People familiar with the matter told reporters, Shanxi is a large coal province, Shanxi power plant used in the use of coal in the past is small coal mines, small coal prices low, low cost, Shanxi has always been the implementation of the Internet price lower. But as Shanxi reorganizes small coal mines, the price of coal used in Shanxi's power plants has risen and costs have increased.  Coupled with the rise in coal prices in recent years the big environment, resulting in Shanxi thermal power enterprises more serious losses. It is worth noting that this adjustment only increases the loss of thermal power enterprises on the Internet price, the increased cost will be temporarily borne by the grid enterprises, terminal electricity prices did not rise.
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