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Because from time to time to some friends of the site most analysis, planning work. Here are my common methods for evaluating Web sites. Need time short can to a few minutes, long can to a few days, if there is enough time, you can do an analysis of each column (including positioning, content, layout, activity level and other indicators). If the forums, blogs, and personal columns are a major part of the site, you need to make a special assessment.

One, Alexa three indicators and development trend.

"Reach per technologists users" can be a rough glimpse of their ability to attract new people and trends.

Page view per user can roughly see the ability and trends of its content to retain visitors.

"Traffic Rank" is a comprehensive indicator.

The recent 3-month, 6-month trend is also very important.

As long as there is no forgery, the index actually contains the content of the site diagnostics.

Note: Not a simple Alexa ranking. Because rankings are influenced by many factors.

Second, the location of the site and whether the implementation of the degree.

This is the site operators most concerned about the area. If its purpose is only an ideal state and there is no practical means and action to achieve it, it is difficult to develop lastingly.

Third, the overall structure of the website.

Many sites have site maps, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the site. Even if not, can also through the navigation bar, the column has a general understanding and so on.

Four, the website and each column updates the speed.

Including column update speed, sub-site update speed, home update speed, first screen update speed.

Especially the update speed of the homepage, the first screen update speed (including the actual update speed and feel update speed). Update speed is a performance of the site's own active degree.

As can be seen from here, even well-known sites, such as Sina, there are many months have not updated columns.

V. The rapid response capability of the website,

The ability to respond to unexpected problems in the field can best reflect the strength of a portal site.

The number, proportion and degree of the content of the website.

Due to time and professional differences, it is difficult to have a comprehensive quality analysis, so mainly through the number and clicks, the number of responses or comments to participate in the assessment.

Vii. the degree of specialization of the website's text editing.

Professional editors specialized ability and the sensitivity to news, to the new dynamic grasp and processing cycle.

Viii. Specialization degree of art editors.

Different people can only feel the same way.

Ix. the degree of interaction between the website and the reader.

Whether to provide direct interactive window, such as the article direct comments, whether someone is in use, the effect of how.

Whether there is a forum, the average actual number of visitors to the forum, the number of participants, the number of daily posts and distribution, including the number of high-value posts. The ability of a moderator/administrator.

Whether there is a personal column, the level of activity, personal column update speed (and active updates, and some sites by the site editor responsible for management), whether the column content in the site has been reflected, as well as the embodiment of the way.

Whether there is a blog, blog positioning and the site to maintain the basic consistency, blog content is fully utilized, blog active degree.

Ten, the website contains the related value-added activities and other sources of income (including advertising) development.

Income is the guarantee of the development of the website, the basis of income establishment, whether diversification determines the future trend of the website

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