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First of all, this article is not my original, in the original based on my years of experience in the operation of the summary. If you have any questions, you can leave a message directly to my blog.

Operators involved a lot of knowledge, including software, databases, search engines, Web site layout, marketing, economic management and other aspects of knowledge and wisdom. So I hope you can understand and look at a wider perspective, rather than just keyword selection, link building as the core of the operator assessment. Of course keyword choice is a kind of wisdom between the sentiment, such as ticket booking, air tickets booking, you said the customer will input what to search? This is a big probability event or a small probability of the choice of events, for a keyword, the ranking will bring the actual conversion rate, and link building is to get the top of the base, good link building will get good rankings. But still that sentence, first ask your website has no reason to rank before, of course promotion, sponsorship except. Whatever you misunderstand about the operator here, from my point of view:

As a website operator, how to make the site efficient and flexible operation, not only reflected in the wrong way of error, and more important is to observe and analyze the development strategy and strategy issues, the following is my website operation of a few personal summary:

1) Testers

Repeatedly testing the site's own architecture, code, layout and so on, the results of the test often contains a part of the user experience, so operators must write down their feelings.

Project in the process of development, there are problems do not be afraid, when the tester will test report to bring up, to try to change themselves. It may be a minor operation, make the code more standardized, make the links more reasonable, and make the keywords more guided. It may also be a major operation, making navigation more reasonable, making the layout more scientific, and making the architecture more artistic. All this requires the involvement of the operator.

For a website or website related products, first of all, we operators to use in person, and for the new development of the product before the online, operators of the trial is very important, here the trial, not only according to the customary process of application, but more important is the operator of a reverse thinking, the application of a different habit of a try . Someone who needs some reverse thinking to test the trial. This is only Microsoft to do the best, every time a new product on the line before, find a lot of housewives to try to solicit their views, although most companies or individuals do not achieve the same conditions as Microsoft, but in the mind must be clear: only to do the transposition of thinking, It is also said that both the designer of the product and the user of the product, so as to design a suitable market for users of the system or products.

2) Manager

Here the manager is all the operators, the main idea of the aspects, including day-to-day monitoring, failure to release, the various pages, functions, links to view, find the problem in time to remove. This requires the various departments of the company to be able to collaborate with each other in order to improve the efficiency of problem solving.

3) The leader

For the user's message, reply and other information, the site operators should be more emphasis on a kind of guide, guide users to our direction, the formation of a corresponding culture. Internet content needs to be created, Internet users need to guide. Take a look at what pattern and so on. These all require operators to move their brains. Of course, can successfully guide a certain part of the Netizen 2-3 weeks, and in the guidance of netizens this is a lot of operators do not care, this will cause, the site in the development process with the initial positioning deviation, and some users of the culture or habits of conflict, the eventual loss of potential users. As an operator, you must be a successful leader, guide users to use the network of new products or new technologies.

4) Analyst

Analysis includes data analysis, competitor analysis, user preferences analysis, user behavior analysis, relevant data analysis of the future development of a website, adjustment is first-hand information, this is crucial.

5) Planners

Operators are the most closely contact with the user, in the understanding of user psychology and behavior, irregular planning online related activities, site details of the changes, this time is a successful planner's identity appears. Only operators in the company, the website, the user of the relationship between the three, and reasonable coordination of resources in order to complete a successful planning.

6 Communicator and organizer

Remember that our most basic job is to communicate with netizens, special attention is that we want to communicate with the object is not experts, but students, do a good job for the students of the comments and suggestions for the collection, for the next step of the site better for the students to do a good job of the foundation, operators may organize offline students party, various activities, These are the things that our operators must be involved in.

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