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In this era, the Internet can be, many friends have joined the webmaster this line, in the vast 7474.html "> Grassroots webmaster Camp There are many and I just like the novice entrance." The following to the novice webmaster friends a few suggestions, are individuals this two months of experience.

First, do the site domain name space is essential, but must find a reliable space and domain name, an unstable space or domain name will kill your station. For example, tell me about my station. Flying Posture Computer Technology, website just online, site my domain name, Baidu is often to take pictures, this good ah, as long as there is good content is not afraid it does not include, included that is sooner or later. But one day to receive space business message room maintenance, two days down to site my domain name, the home page has disappeared, and has not recovered. Another is that if someone else opens your Web site but shows that the page cannot be displayed, I believe it will be boring. It is also important to choose a domain name that is relevant to the site names, which is advantageous for future rankings.

Second, the new station do not care too much about the inclusion of the site, search referral included a new station after the station has a evaluation period, in this period will be less but will often update snapshots. As long as you do a good job, more original, subject-specific content, such as the evaluation period once you will find a lot of content will be included.

Third, the new station do not do too much optimization, if your ranking is too fast will be Baidu stare, be stared at will ...

As long as the meta, title and other places add the keyword on the line, do not deliberately to use some means to optimize.

It is very important to renew the service. If you update it one months, I'm sure the search engine will be just like you.

Five, exchange links, find some of the same type of site exchange links, pay attention not to find those messy sites. Of course, if you have the ability to find some PR is higher than the site exchange links that the best.

Six, observe their own website, specific to see what content to attract visitors, the site's beautiful, practical aspects of doing more research.

Seven, look at the statistical report, find a good statistical tool, a lot of free online recommendations with CNZZ, 51LA, research access to the site and search keywords website traffic changes, which for the future development of the site is very helpful.

The above points are personal experience, I hope the novice webmaster friends to help, sell a AD29510458 I built the Exchange group, we can communicate!

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