South Korea shooting Games "national Defense Special Forces" January 17 open Clothing

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Korea mobicle Company (hereinafter referred to as Mobicle) on behalf of Zhang Xizhe said by the Dragonfly company Development, Neowiz provide its network services FPS online games "Special forcedefence (Temporary translation: National Defense Special Forces)" Will be officially opened on January 17, 2011.  With the opening date of the more and more near, Mobicle will be held public testing and colorful publicity activities. Mobicle said the public test to be held before opening the suit was aimed at allowing the player to evaluate the game and further improve the game's accessibility. All players who are expected to participate in this test will be able to apply to the website.  Online application deadline is January 2, 2011, please pay attention to players.  Mobicle on the official website is hot recruit, please login in time to apply. Mobicle official website Transfer door after January 17, 2011, players can login to the official website download "Special forcedefence" client. (Digging the shell net)
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