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Reporter today from China South Car (601766, shares bar) (601766.  SH) was informed that the company's Zhuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd signed a total amount of 2.09 billion yuan wind power generator contract orders, which is the company entered the field of wind power has signed the largest single product sales contract.  According to the reporter understand, this batch of contracts covers 1.5MW and 2.5MW Direct Drive permanent magnet synchronous wind power generator machine product more than 1000 units, will be China Southern Motor Company wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu South Motor Co., Ltd. to complete the implementation.  China Southern car A person told reporters, the entire 2013, the company's wind power products contract orders have reached 2.5 billion yuan, in China Direct-drive permanent magnet market field occupancy rate of nearly 50%, in China's wind power industry market share of more than 10%. At the same time, the reporter also from China North car (601299, shares bar) (601299.  SH) learned that the company's Dalian Machine Company has won the bid for Shenhua Group's high-power AC drive diesel locomotive procurement project, will be the Shenhua group of the Yellow Railway Development company tailored two high-power AC drive diesel locomotives, which is China's high-power AC transmission diesel locomotive into the local railway for the first time. Prior to this, China's high-power AC drive diesel locomotives mainly serve the national railways, in the railway trunk as cargo heavy transport. This August, Shenhua Group on high-power AC drive diesel locomotive bidding, and high-power AC drive diesel locomotives and high-power AC drive electric locomotives are the mainstream of China's railway locomotive models and future development direction, China's north car has taken the lead in the two locomotives to the local railway, sent abroad.  2012, the high-power AC drive electric locomotive developed by China North vehicle successively exported to Belarus and went to local railway. (Edit: Gu Beibei)
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