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Absrtact: The specific badminton population of Beijing is assumed to play two hours a week, with a conservative estimate of more than 2 million people. In addition, Beijing has nearly 500 badminton halls, more than 2000 pieces of tennis courts, more than 800 swimming pools, more than 600 yoga halls, more than 300 dance studios, more than 200

"Beijing's specific badminton population assumes a two-hour game per week, with a conservative estimate of more than 2 million people." In addition, Beijing has nearly 500 badminton halls, more than 2000 tennis courts, more than 800 swimming pools, more than 600 yoga halls, more than 300 dance studios, more than 200 gyms. Zhao, founder of the coach, told me that the sports halls were almost always full, and that there were more and more people looking for coaches than those who had to exercise themselves.

"About Coach" is based on the LBS technology to help sports enthusiasts find professional coaches trading platform, users can through geographical location, price, Coach comments, course type online selection of the most suitable for their own coaching services, so as to improve the scientific nature of sports, improve the efficiency of exercise to reduce the likelihood of injury. At present, the sports category of "about Coach" includes badminton, tennis, swimming, fitness, yoga and dance.

Mention to find a coach, most people in addition to ask around the friends, to the venue consultation, the most direct way is through 58, the market and other web search. There is also a problem when the coach finds that many courses are often paid for the first time in a lump sum, a forced marketing experience that does not encourage users to exercise. For example, I went to the university gym last weekend to consult the fitness program, come up to pay a year, I think halfway I may move, also may not like here, after a balance I did not choose the course here.

Zhao said that they did a market survey also showed this point, many people think that sports is a "trouble", set the field, find someone, about the coach every aspect of the person's enthusiasm to grind off a little, so the whole mode of the movement to become simple is to really solve the user pain point. He will "about coach" compared to the sports training market in the public comment network, users can use the shortest time in the platform to find the most suitable coaches, after the course can be based on the teaching status to the instructor, but also to the coach to play labels, such as high value, professional, patient. These data accumulate, is "about Coach" credit system.

and has been the most criticized for the card, the tuition fee paid once the problem has ceased to exist, students can be based on the status of the class, the purchase of courses, if not satisfied with the change of coach at any time. Because of the supervision mechanism, the coach will try his best to take every student.

That is to say, "Coach" is to reduce the decision threshold by reducing the cost of the charge particles, and this kind of implementation to the coach individual rather than the gym form can also release the trainer's resource pool: On the one hand at the fixed venues to work in the course of the coach is not saturated, Coaches and venues to take 37 of income sharing is also a lot of coaches will choose this peer-to-peer form of motivation; Moreover, the Peer-to-peer form can be well dug long tail sports, whether badminton, yoga, such as hot, or very few people have heard of the unpopular movement, with skills sports enthusiasts can build personal brand.

"About coach" means of payment also has a small innovation, the coach of the price of his course, the consumer's client will receive a two-dimensional code, in class when the coach with the coach to sweep the code, after the course to receive money. In addition, online courses generally have free experience courses, the most popular items include badminton, swimming, yoga, dance and so on, for coaches, experience class is also a good breakthrough in the actual transaction, they are also willing to cooperate with the provision.

September 2014 Zhao founded Beijing Artery technology, its products "about Coach" will be online this week.

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