St Haina 8 Trading High Dive

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The opening of the newspaper also firmly sealed in trading, closed but was sealed in the fall of the board, has appeared 8 consecutive trading of St Haina, yesterday staged a high dive. Yesterday, the stock trading opened again, but in the transaction 17 minutes later, suddenly by a huge amount of tossing, 10 o'clock in the morning, once straight to a halt.  Then the concussion consolidation, to the end of the plate again closed. Since April 30 to May 19, St. Haina has sold a total of 984 million yuan, turnover rate of 138.71%. Again careful statistics, found the main focus on April 30, May 4, May 5 Three trading days, April 30, the unit close 16.59 Yuan, deal 280 million yuan, turnover rate of 41.61%. May 4, turnover rate of 19.85%, deal 118 million yuan, May 5 deal 70.29 million yuan, turnover rate of 11.4%.  During, St Haina's stock price in 15.76 yuan ~17.08 yuan concussion, the main positions cost in 16.5 yuan, a total of 468 million yuan. After the opening, the main force began to pull up sharply, from May 6 to May 12, St. Haina appeared 4 trading, the share price from 17.08 Yuan rose to 20.76 yuan, up 21.54%. Some of the main forces after earning 20%, chose to flee.  May 12, St Haina exchange rate reached 16.05%, a deal of 121.5 million yuan. Since then, St Haina continued to shrink upward, the share price reached 25.22 yuan on May 18, during the 4 trading day turnover rate of only 15.55%, a deal of 127 million yuan.  Until yesterday, St Haina's turnover rate again reached 15.36%, a deal of 138 million yuan. Considering the main cost of intervention, at present the main force at least more than 100 million yuan chips have not been cashed.  The main force may be such as St Haina reorganization plan announced, and then pull high shipments. May 12, St. Haina announced that, according to the share reform commitment, the major shareholder related to the new group will be on the June 30, 2009 rail transport assets or business to the company in compliance.  After the completion of this major reorganization, St. Haina will form energy-saving emission reduction and rail transport as the main business of the large electromechanical industry. Network new group of Zhejiang Large network of new rail Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd. currently employs nearly 200 people, last year sales income of about 700 million yuan.  This part of the asset is likely to be injected into St Haina. However, after continuing to fry, St Haina's share price has been overvalued. In and pick published a-share "electronics and Components" Industry assessment Report, St. Haina's share price "overvalued 185%", rated "very poor".
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