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This newspaper reporter Yao Sun in the Sino-US economic data ideal, the influenza A has eased the situation, the global stock market continues the rebound trend. America's economic outlook has rallied in recent weeks as signs that consumer spending is stabilising and the housing market's decline is slowing.  Recent statistics provide further evidence, such as the US Supply Management Association's Non-manufacturing Index, the leading consumer confidence index, private sector employment data, and a series of real-estate data that are better than expected. In addition, U.S. companies have reported quarterly results, the massive layoffs and the closure of the plant to cost-saving measures to achieve some success, corporate performance has improved, 68% of corporate profits than expected, the most since 2006.  While corporate performance continues to fall, the decline has brought hope to investors. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has said the 3-year slump in the US housing market is likely to be near the bottom, and that the recession should end this year as long as the credit crunch is no longer there.  This statement is more optimistic than before. "Warren Buffett" also said that the United States and the U.S. economy long-term prospects have "full confidence." He also believes the United States will experience a difficult period of time.  Although he said he could not predict when the current downturn in the U.S. economy will improve, he pointed out that the level of unemployment is likely to hit the top in the next few months, and will begin to fall far below the current level of unemployment, the next few years the unemployment rate will remain low.  Market sentiment has changed the outlook for the economy, with the idea that the economy could be in a slump and that the economy could be in a deep recession and that the recession will be tempered.  Driven by confidence, the S & P 500 has regained all its lost ground since the start of the year. Big Line latest Hong Kong stock rating code abbreviation agency rating target price (HK $) Reviews 00003 China gas Merrill Lynch buys 18.7 free cash flow gradually increases 00005 HSBC Holdings Credit Suisse maintains "neutral" 60 expected to be further set aside 00006 Hong Kong Electric light Merrill Lynch runs 45 profit has a downward trend 00168 Tsingtao beer Goldman Sachs reaffirms "buy" 18.7 Two-quarter sales growth will be stronger 00349 ICBC Asian Deutsche Bank to buy 12.3 to be supported by the parent company ICBC 00386 Sinopec Goldman Sachs buy 6.5 expect two quarterly earnings further improvement 00525 Guangzhou-Shenzhen railway Morgan Stanley to maintain "overweight" 4.05 lower earnings forecast 00576 Shanghai-Hangzhou-ningbo UBS maintenance "Neutral" 5.83 overvalued 00700 Tencent Credit Suisse to maintain "run to win the city" 80 increase per share earnings forecast 00728 China Telecom Goldman Sachs "buy" to "neutral" 3.7 market expectations shift 00762 China Unicom Goldman Sachs to maintain "neutral" 8 first-quarter performance worse than expected 00883 CNOOC "overweight" To "neutral" 9.25 valuations have been high 00941 China Mobile Credit Suisse maintained "win the big city" 78 shares in the long-distance telecommunications influence of neutral 00998 Citic Bank AG maintained "buy" 4.07 valuation is not high 01186 China Railway to build Lyon "sell" to "win the city" 12 cash flow strong 01186 China railway to build Goldman Sachs to maintain "buy" 12.382009 annual earnings expected to increase 1 time times 01688 Alibaba Goldman Sachs maintains "sell" 6.3 monthly average income per household fell 01766 China South car Citi maintains "selling" 3.5 This year gross margin will not improve 188,000 Li International Merrill Lynch buy 6.41 can benefit consumption improvement 01919 China Ocean Credit Letter "neutral" to "run the big city" 4 is expected to continue to lose 02007 bi gui Yuan Citi maintains "sell" 1.12 business focus on large and suburban projects, Will still be in trouble. 02038 Foxconn "Run the market" to "neutral" 5 valuations have been high 02318 China Ping ' an UBS "buy" the downgrade to the "neutral" 49.7 valuation has reflected a profit recovery expected this year 02888 Standard Chartered bank Credit Suisse to maintain "neutral" 85 first quarter earnings as expected to rise,  Can maintain a suspected 03377 Sino-ocean Real estate Citigroup reiterated that "buy" 7.57 this year 80% revenue has been locked Asian stock market rally strong compared with US and European markets, Asian equities have seen a stronger rally in recent years, a number of new highs since the rally.  The 10 ASEAN countries and the finance ministers of China, Japan and South Korea have reached a consensus on the establishment of a 120 billion-dollar share of the Asian regional reserves, combined with news of a 5-month rise in the mainland's April manufacturing purchasing managers ' index, injecting a strong needle into Asian equities.  JPMorgan said Asian equities outside Japan are expected to rise by 18% in the hope of benefiting from low interest rates, government stimulus packages and investor demand for riskier assets, and advising investors to increase their holdings in South Korea, Thailand and mainland China and Taiwan. Maparth, managing director of Templeton Asset Management, The godfather of emerging markets, also said securities were more attractive when interest rates fell and inflation slowed. The end of emerging market equities could break the existing pattern and turn into bullish markets.  He reiterated that emerging markets were bottoming out for the next wave of rallies. But analysts are not one-sided bullish on Asian equities. Elliott Wave International believes that the strength of Asian equities has come to an end since the March lows rebounded sharply, and that the stock market will undergo a major adjustment in May. The bank believes that the Indian stock market will return some of the increase, the Asia-Pacific region will follow the fall, the decline will continue until the end of May, even early June.  However, the company still believes that the future stock market pattern will still be a rally small back, the decline will not last. Hong Kong has been flooded with capital inflows recently, and the HKMA has had to go into the market repeatedly, throwing Hong Kong dollars into the US dollar. As there are so many capital inflows and institutional investors are buying to avoid falling behind the market, Hong Kong stocks have gone back to the level of last October as a rainbow.  More than half of the shares in the index have risen through the 250-day bear line, and state-owned enterprises index has risen through the line of cattle and bears. Market participants believe that the stock market can further climb, the index in a or two months can further rise to 17000 to 18000 o'clock unless bad news is expected. Puyong, managing director of UBS and Asia Pacific chief investment strategist at the Wealth Management Research division, said future macro data will still be good and bad, and the US recession is likely to end in the first half of next year, so the stock market is unlikely to continue to rise, expect a period of time, the big city will adjust, but the adjustment will not be below 12,000 points. The stock market will fluctuate up and down in the higher regions.  He believes that the current level of Hong Kong stocks is still reasonable and attractive. For more wonderful financial articles, please login to the first financial network ( statement: This copyright for the first exclusive financial management, if necessary reprint, please contact us. Email to or call 021-64830133
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