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SEO includes three key points: structure, content, link, this is our learning SEO must understand, the following detailed explanation:

Structure-whether the site can be indexed correctly

A website first to solve is whether it can let search engine normal crawl, you can have high-quality content, but if the search engine can not find, but also in vain. Here are a few ways to help your site be indexed:

1, try to avoid JavaScript and flash navigation. Although JS and Flash can make the site beautiful, but the current search engine still can not smoothly crawl the content, so we want to avoid.

2, the directory level can not be too deep. The site directory is kept within three floors as close to the root URL as possible, such as " Catalog/Product name" is significantly better than " Catalog/year/month/product name".

3, to avoid the URL of the parameter number characters. That is, let the site as far as possible to generate static pages or pseudo static, do not let the Web site with "" "id=" such a dynamic web site, so that the search engine can not be friendly to crawl, and may let spiders into the dead cycle.

4, the use of reasonable internal links. As long as the content is relevant, try to add links to other pages on the page, do not rely solely on navigation, and guide spiders to crawl through all pages of the site.

5. Set up sitemap. Make sure your site has a site map in HTML and XML format.

Content-whether your article has been reasonably optimized

Once your site structure is done, the next step is to add the content of the site, the content of the optimization has the following aspects:

1, do not put multiple keywords on the same page. For example, you have 50 key words to optimize, not in two or three pages to finish, to separate each keyword, the corresponding content, with the increase in the keyword, to constantly add new pages.

2. Refuse content. Do not make any keyword stuffing, such as title, META, Alt and other any other acts of garbage.

3, the title contains keywords. The headings in each content page contain the current keywords and use the h tag appropriately, telling the search engine that the key word in this page is the most important.

4, the content contains keywords. Do not rely solely on title and article title, content should also contain keywords, but not too much, reasonable distribution, so that the article natural.

Links-Get certain from other sites

Inside the site is done, we have to do is link building, using different anchor link, through high-quality external links, can increase the credibility of the site, search engines will think the site should be ranked well. Here are some tips for building links:

1, the use of various external chain means. The way to get external links is very good, we do not let go, including: directory, links, articles, blogs, social bookmarking, forum ... Wait a lot.

2. The breadth of the link. To get a good stable ranking, we should also pay attention to the wide range of links, not to the source of the chain is the same place, should come from a variety of web sites, various fields.

3, link anchor text to include keywords. Many beginners may not know, often in the link text to write their own company name or site name, of course, if you this is exactly what you want to rank, this is not wrong. But most of them want to let the keyword group have rank, so our link text must use the keyword or contain the keyword phrase.

4. The variety of anchor text. Not all outside the chain are using the same key phrase, which may make the search engine as spam, while punishing your site, using a number of different anchor text, this will make your links appear natural.

5, adhere to constantly. Don't assume that the above work is over and your work is over. SEO is a long-term process, if you finish the above work, please repeat the same as the death cycle.

The above three points is the most basic SEO things, we must be familiar with these to carry out other technical tests.

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