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Author: Su Yu believes that 仼 he is a certain age of investors, will not be unaware of "5 19", there is a lingering "5 19" complex, so that he is a milestone in China's capital market is not too. This year is the 5.19 10 anniversary of the 1999 "5 19", because it triggered a two-year bull market, was praised by investors as "Forever 5.19 (its homophonic: I will be long, 1999.5.19 has 5 9)". The year-old flower is similar, the year old "stock is different". When "5.19", the Shanghai Composite index rose from 1057 points, less than three months to 1700 points, Rose 70%, and now from 1664 up to 2,600 above the market how similar, all for the Chinese stock market added a beautiful scenery. However, the same "5.19" has different interpretations.  The same is that "5.19" are the starting point for a new round of quotes, and the difference is that the nature of the market has fundamentally changed. First, the macro background is different. The 1999 "5.19" is mainly influenced by the soaring of American gem network. Network shares lead. To become a runaway Mustang, the Dragon horse roaring like a cloud. Network stocks continuously forced empty, the full range of shares, Sea Rainbow Holdings, such as trading board of the "red dot" very like a red apple, so that the vast number of investors a "net" feeling deep, salivating. Listed companies are frequently net, there is no "net" and overwhelmed, the background is from the outward. The current "5.19" is from the outside: 1, China's economy in advance to see the bottom rebound. 2, the policy is very economic recovery, clear-cut, encourage long. 3, 4 trillion investment and Thorn soswae ' domestic demand, improve the performance of the relevant listed companies. 4, the U.S. stock market as the representative of the global stock market rebound, international crude oil, gold, non-ferrous metals prices for a period of time to regain stability.  5. The Chinese stock market's long-standing disease has been fundamentally changed and the whole circulation era has come. Second, the lead plate is different. That year's "5.19", leading the plate is illusory network shares, listed companies have net rely on the story to promote the stock price, the bubble is very large, and can not improve the performance of listed companies, the result is a network of things like smoke, heat quickly dispersed quickly. The current "5.19" is due to the international crude oil price rise factor. May 12, the National Energy Agency New Energy and Renewable Energy Division director of the new Liang Zhipeng in the "Renewable Energy Financial Forum" disclosed that the development of new resources planning has been finalized, and timing issued. Liang Zhipeng said that because of the rapid development momentum, in the revitalization of the planning, wind power and photovoltaic development objectives will be significantly improved, by 2020, renewable energy total investment will exceed 3 trillion yuan. In addition to hydro, wind, solar, biomass and nuclear power, new energy vehicles, energy-efficient buildings and materials will become the focus of the program. Therefore, the May market, new energy varieties related to the listed companies have become the lead plate. In addition, the concept of Hercynian, Shanghai dual-center concept, the concept of the Expo, GEM will be launched to make the investment plate and so on, 3G, real estate, machinery, coal, commercial department stores, chemical fiber, automobiles and other plate performance.  It can be said that the lead plate is not imaginary but real, even if there are bubbles, but also the water surface oscillation is thrown out rather than blown out. Again, the nature of the funds involved is different. That year's "5.19", the participation of funds are mainly three types of enterprises in the market and small investors mainly, but also some of the few such as Delon "Dealer", the amount of small funds, weak attack. The "5.19" is a green light for the money in a moderately loose monetary policy, the funds involved are funds, social security funds, insurance funds, brokerages, QFII, Enterprise annuity, private equity and listed companies own funds, all of them are big crocodiles, the funds involved in a deeper level, from the May data, Stock-fund positions are above 85% more than the 2007 Great bull market.  This is evidenced by the number and volume of daily accounts opened in May. To sum up, although the index on the 2,600 points after a wide shock, but will not appear "5.30" (its homophonic as: I fanned you) such a burst, the market is more like "5.19" slow cow upward, out of stability in the continuing market, so that the market "I will be a long time"!
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