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Before the website revision, through the search engine query has been included in the Web page, found that the search engine like the article, below and you share. Search engine has been included in the Web page, you can know which articles of their website are indexed by search engines, search engines like which articles, the article set article summary, you can not open the Web page to know what the article is.

Then open Notepad, the title of the article according to their own site of the article classified records. This will find the search engine likes its own website which articles, and then through the analysis of their own articles which are easy to be included, what is not easy to be included.

Not easy to be included in the article analysis, why not be included, which articles are not easy to be indexed by search engines, is the title of the article is not, or content is not good, or no false original. And then correct it. These are not the focus, the focus is included in the article, by looking for the articles collected, these articles belong to the site of which classification, these articles are how to come, is their own original, or false original. or directly copy even false original did not do directly copied over.

Through the search found included in the article (Take Me), the original rate of success rate in 25%, of course, I do not write the level, the original collection is relatively low. By copying other people's website articles, copy before Baidu to see how much of this article is included, included too much is not suitable for replication, directly copied without false original, just change the title, included in the rate of 35%. After the false original collection rate in 30%.

Next I like to copy the article, because copy article is the most convenient, I like to copy it news class, to copy its latest, this article just came out you immediately copy, 3 articles in 1 are successful. Interestingly, 2 of the articles I copied were the exact same articles that were included. I also like to make a copy of the net to earn celebrity articles, to find some included less copy of the article, and then slightly change the title, other do not tube, collection rate is very good, but also the most relaxed.

Through this analysis to know their website articles, which is the search engine like to include the article, copy the rate is good, their original copy of the site, and then continue to replicate, false original collection rate is also good to continue the false original, original bad, on the improvement of writing level, and strive to write can be included in the article.

Above is my search engine to include the article experience, analysis of the deficiencies please forgive me. This article source, reproduced please keep the link, thank you very much.

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