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Some people are: why do I have to participate in SEO training courses, the Internet is not a lot of free articles can see it? I am here to give you an answer:

There are really many SEO introductory articles, I also wrote a lot of SEO technology tutorials, the foundation of a good self-study ability, it is true that we can write these articles to self-study, I myself is through Self-Study master SEO method, can be self-taught is good. But not every friend who wants to learn SEO, have a good foundation, are able to read online articles on the learning of SEO, online articles are usually some SEO practitioners write blog, we all know that the random blog is very strong, East Point, West Point, there is no certain regularity, most beginners seem very dizzy, Don't know where to start looking, to the circle of the most well-known "search engine optimization seo every day" this blog, for example, this is an excellent SEO blog, is the industry seoer must read one of the blog, but this blog has written hundreds of articles, there is no inevitable link between, If a novice who does not understand what to read, he will feel very confused, do not know from which to start reading, if from the original first start to see how long it will be read? We all know that the rules of the search engine change speed is very fast, SEO knowledge is also in the continuous upgrading, Perhaps Zac some of the previous blog to explain the method is not suitable for now continue to use, this will be disguised to the novice to produce a certain misleading.

So if a mentor guides you around, to provide you with a shallow to deep system SEO training to explain, let novice from the most basic knowledge began to learn gradually to the back of the complex, cycles cycles progressive learning will let novice better and faster master SEO skills, learn how to search engine optimization site.

Even if I am in the study, there is a teacher, I and he is also a friend, he is a spider seo-Chao, in the learning of SEO on the way, he gave me a lot of help, in order to answer a lot of doubts, so I am now the result.

Therefore, I suggest that you, if you think your self-study ability is quite strong, and the foundation is very good, you can read your predecessors through the blog learned SEO, then I recommend you to self-study, at the same time you can add some SEO group and colleagues to exchange learning.

If your self-study ability is not very strong, or your foundation is not too good, then I suggest you to join the SEO team in Shandong Training course for the system to learn, so I think will be more suitable for you.

Wish every friend who loves SEO, can learn to SEO, and use the SEO income million yuan.

Author: Sun Yunqun

Start: Shandong SEO Training Team


PS: This site has just been on line, planning to Zac predecessors as an example, to create a 100% of the original SEO site, I will gradually explain the process of the site optimization, I hope the reprint of friends can be lenient, give me a copy of the copyright link, I am grateful.

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