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CCTV name Mouth Sun Zhenping Happy life According to Exposure (1/20) Sun Zhenping as CCTV sports program senior commentator, since 1981 into the CCTV work has been nearly 30 years. In the past 30 years, he has set a record of seven Olympic Games, six Asian Games, five World Cup football games, and so far no journalist in the country can break.  Despite all the achievements, Sun Zhenping in life has been kept low-key, not only taboo talk about their own private life, and his family rarely exposed in public. Sun Zhenping's daughter, Sun Yuannan, was born in Beijing on July 27, 1983, when Sun Zhenping was reporting the Universiade in Edmonton, Canada. Did not see his daughter's birth, not in love with the child when accompanied by the side, so he secretly determined to make sure to compensate them Shing. However, after the birth of the child, Sun Zhenping work more busy, and children always gather less and more, his daughter from small to large he has little care, and no time to tutor children's learning. But far south from childhood is very smart, academic performance has been very good. In the 2000, the daughter of the junior high school graduation saw many students in the class go abroad to study, to the parents expressed the desire to go abroad to study, that is also the hottest years abroad, Sun Zhenping originally did not have this plan, but think just can give her a chance to exercise their own, reasoning, finally decided to send her to Australia to study, This is five years. November 2005, Sun Yuannan completed the university's study back to Beijing, and did not rely on his father's fame let him help arrange work, but his ability to apply to enter into a joint venture insurance agency work, after efforts now also has a small achievement, and consecutive years by the unit as advanced. Below, the Changchun international trade to upload a few Sun Zhenping and wife and daughter of several photos, we look at the name of the mouth of the Happy life bar. (Source: Changchun International Trade blog)  [Page] CCTV name mouth Sun Zhenping Happy life According to Exposure (2/20) [page] CCTV name mouth Sun Zhenping and daughter (3/20) [page] CCTV Sun Zhenping daughter (4/20) [page] and the daughter of Beautiful Girls (5/20) [page]  Cui and daughter Trichoming (6/20 Zhang) [page] Wu Xiaoli and daughter (7/20) [page] Yong and daughter "Peas Princess" (8/20) [Page] Wu with the older daughter (9/20) [page] Dong Hao with daughter (10/20) [page]  Yiwei Wei and his daughter (11/20) [page] Wang Liu Chunyan and daughter (12/20) [page] Li and Daughter "Mu" (13/20) [page] Wang photo albums signed Li with daughter to congratulate (14/20) [page] Yiwei Wei and his daughter (15/20) [page] Beauty hosts Jiangfung's hybrid twins (16/20Zhang) [page] Fangchon and son (17/20 sheets) [page] Baiyan's daughter Ginkgo (18/20) [page] Yao Miao and her daughter to take a photo (19/20) [Page] Yong (20/20)
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