Suning Appliance 50 million RMB poverty alleviation and relief

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December 26, is the 20 anniversary of the creation of Suning appliances, the company announced the launch of 50 million good money to start the national Thanksgiving action, in more than 200 cities across the country through the civil affairs departments and charitable organizations donated to the difficult crowd, to help them happy New year. At the same time, all suning employees, including two districts in Hong Kong and Tokyo, synchronized with the "1+1 Sunshine" social workers Volunteer action, in the form of a donation of one-day salary, the donation is over $5 million, and more than 1000 social work teams are formed to carry out various forms of social work service in community, Street and village.  In addition, Suning Electric all senior executives also spontaneously organized, through the Edward Foundation to support 500 rural orphans and poor children in the West, the implementation of long-term counterpart assistance. Suning Electric Appliance Chairman Zhang Jindong said, enterprises only have to shoulder the responsibility, can always persistent forward. 20-Year-old Su Ning will continue to maintain a sound and rapid development in the future, with excellent performance and achievements to repay the community, consumers, investors and employees. At the same time, we should continue to give more feedback to society and promote social prosperity, harmony and development.
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