Suning "temp" courier to strengthen the last kilometer of service

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No. 3.15, Shanghai Suning General manager Zhijun rate of all senior executives and departments responsible for the establishment of "Executive Delivery Group" part-time courier, for users to deliver. The act of flattering netizens was interpreted as the landing of the three-effect law of suning.

It is understood that Suning will be 2014 as an Internet strategy for the implementation of the year, the effectiveness of the year, and in the days of Su Ning's internet thinking-"three-effect law": User experience speaking effect, business innovation speaking efficiency, the system to optimize the effectiveness of speaking, and emphasize the creation of O2O Fusion "extreme experience" as Suning's Internet executive power. and Logistics module as the most important part of the customer experience, Suning is set up an independent logistics company, to enhance the logistics of the "user experience."

Zhijun General manager said that let Suning management staff guest courier, not for show or experience life, but let senior executives into the first line of delivery, close to consumers, hear the most real voice customers, in the actual delivery process, so that managers in the terminal to find suning in the distribution links some still do not good enough places, In order to better build logistics service modules in the future to enhance the experience.

Suning "temporary" courier

Strengthen the service of the last kilometer

According to Shanghai Suning related responsible person, senior executives are also the first to carry out a single line of logistics work at the grassroots level, all call themselves "temporary". But in order to bring a good experience to consumers, "temporary" we all come up with a professional service attitude, in the delivery of the system to accept the logistics service knowledge of the special training, from the scheduling, door-to-door, inspection, collection, sales list, etc. to understand the development of logistics work; In addition to theoretical courses, At the same time also through the form of scene simulation familiar with the delivery process, enhance the Executive Team Express service professionalism.

Su Ning, which has always been an overly orthodox and traditional impression of the public, is courting consumers and consumers through these activities. It is understood that suning "temporary" courier delivery will bring a gift and thank-you note, closer and consumers distance, through communication directly understand the needs of consumers. Zhijun told reporters that this year as the group of the Internet transformation of the implementation of the year, all the user experience as the center, do management must be more contact with consumers, understand consumers.

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