Taiwan stars pay attention to anti-trafficking cause qi called "Save the Children"

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"Save the Children" activity poster Sina Entertainment news in early 2011, a letter of help from a mother who lost his son gave birth to the idea of a lot of social celebrities trying to save the abducted children. The driving force of this love spread through the network, until today, more and more entrepreneurs, Taiwan entertainers want to use their own practical action, to express the heart of the common grief and cry, and called on the whole society to contribute to the cause of "anti-trafficking".  So, a song composed by Hu, Mao Hui lyrics of the public Welfare song "Save the Children" from this. The stars sang the charity song "Save the Children" activities, blew the national cultural and entertainment industry assembly number. Days Entertainment media, Huayi Music, Leroy Entertainment, sea butterflies record, silver fish music and many other well-known record companies have joined the campaign to save the children sing.  The recording of the song will be in Beijing, Changsha, Taipei three at the same time, the mainland famous musicians Hu the chief producer. Today (February 24), Taiwanese singer Vivian will take the lead in the studio to launch the first shot of the charity event. Lin Ling, Wuke, Mengting Reed, JJ Lin and other singers will be closely followed by the participation. Although far across the strait, they are still eager to convey their love and care. Since March 1, Beijing's recording work will also be officially launched. Feather Spring, Chen, Chen, Shang, Jiong, Xie na, Li Weijia, Du Haitao, Wuxin, Zhang Jie, Han Geng, Hu, Jiang, Chen, Dong, Pan Yue Ming, Ann and Qi and other singers into the shed, with their most sincere feelings of the spread of this love appeal.  At that time, a number of actively support the activities of the business people Shong, Kai-Fu Lee, Ying, Citis, Shire, Xiaoping, Ning, etc. will also join the singing, and appealed to more people from all walks of life to pay attention to children, "save the Children." As the song "Save the Children" sings: "Save the Children, let them believe that this is the magic of love, Save the children, let their eyes of the world is still no, save the children, let them find the lighthouse in the dark, save the children, so that every childhood out of beautiful flowers. "I hope this song of true love Can arouse everyone's attention to the cause of" anti-trafficking ", and hope that everyone can contribute their share of the force, let the evil hand away from the children, so that those who are suffering from the children back to the warm home.
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