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It can be said that the user experience has become today's society must not mention the standard, if you are careful, you can hear the word mentioned in any industry, from line to line, from concrete to virtual, and no matter what, all the user experience is based on a point, that is customer-centric.

In this way, the user experience to become offline and online ties, for the original seemingly unrelated two systems to lead the line, thus for the future development of the Internet provides a shortcut. At present, online enterprises and traditional enterprises have a common sense, or offline experience online sales model, or online experience offline sales model, this is the "user experience" to do the most basic research.

This is a more professional field, involved in a variety of disciplines, is a synthesis from the surface to the inside, a good user experience, involving a product in all aspects, from abstraction to concrete, from the structure to the senses, or even subtle to consider a color or content to the user's psychological feelings.

As engaged in the work of the Internet, we contact the most is a variety of Web sites, various web pages, here, the author through the site to give examples, try to use the simplest way to explain how to improve the site's user experience.

Stable space with enough speed to achieve first impressions of the site

Understand SEO know, even if your SEO technology, the site Zooey not open, or 2 minutes to open a Web page, that your site has 2 results, one is by the search engine k off, the second is the viewer lost waiting patience and turn off the page. This requires us to consider choosing a better host before doing the station, first of all to ensure stability, there is no reason for failure, the second is to ensure that the speed of space, this does not have to explain too much, and finally to consider the security of space to prevent the intrusion of virus Trojan.

Visual Affinity makes viewers happy to watch

A website preconceived of course is he brings to the visitor's feeling, can bring the human sensory stimulation main to have the website the color collocation, the plate layout, the picture, the dynamic effect and so on, these factors combine together, will give the person a preliminary impression, then the visitor considers whether will continue to stay.

It turns out that those sites that look more approachable are more appealing, and if you haven't seen the content and you feel your site is more easygoing, you're halfway there. Therefore, do the website should pay attention to its surface affinity.

Clear navigation for viewers

For a site without navigation, visitors login, like a blind, can not easily find the forum, navigation is the site of another face. General site navigation contains 3 parts, one is the head of the first navigation menu button, the second is at the bottom of the page or the upper text navigation, the third is the site map.

Search function is a necessary tool for visitors

Visitors come to your site through search engines, the first thing to look for is their attention to information, when they find that you have the information they need, out of curiosity, will further find out whether there are more content they need, whether it is static or interactive forum, page to look up will waste a lot of time, And I don't know if I need any information.

This time, the search function will come in handy, by retrieving the amount of information, you can better guide the visitors to select their own needs, this will also give them a primary understanding of the site, to a certain extent, is to determine whether a website is a professional standard, determines the fate of the user.

The rich content lets the visitor stop the collection

Content is the soul of every site, the layout of the United States and the site can not be inseparable from the content of the support, to know the search engine to find the key words, and then found your site, the user mainly to your site to find information. If only the title party and no actual content, visitors will only go elsewhere.

In addition, in the SEO aspect, the guarantee original or the false original content update is also lets the spider often patronize your website one effective method, seoer often in the article content through adds the black key word or the discoloration and so on method to attract the spider the crawl,

It is difficult to guarantee a stable ranking in search engines for newer websites.

Interactivity lets viewers get initial fun

Now there is the so-called user experience design, interactive function is the first level of user experience design standards, visitors and the site to communicate, will bring them great interest, so as to improve the experience, to attract them to the resident of your site. The most common interaction features include the following:

Customer Service Online: When the user browses the website, the side pops up a customer service window, the user may choose the voice communication or the text exchange, thus may leave the useful information in the website backstage in the first time. Some tools like online QQ belong to this category.

Message system: This is the most common way of interaction, users come to the site, you can leave their message on the board, the site can participate in the reply, you can directly contact with. Now WordPress and Z-blog and other blog systems have this function.

Forum System: The current most popular forum system is Discuz, has been popular all over the world, the new version is constantly released, the new plug-ins are almost daily development. The most important feature of the forum is the strong interactive, but also the network at the beginning to now has been popular products. such as 28 push network promotion Forum.

The finer the classification the more the user feels your website is professional

If you are a business-to-business or consumer-electronic website, then you will be in the industry subdivision or commodity segmentation to do enough article, if it is a portal, as far as possible to collect all walks of life, each of the major sections should be subdivided and subdivided; even your blog will be a subdivision of your relevant content, will make your blog appear more professional.

The second content is specialized content, to do subdivision is not difficult, but to do fine is more difficult, can find a fit point in different depths of the product, horizontal division of a category, and then listed several products, such as the same product different materials, the same material a variety of products, the same function of different products, These are related to taxonomy and other subjects, engaged in such a site should be in-depth research colleagues.

Similar to the content of the specialization is related to the recommendation. Users browse a product, the page appears on the recommendation of similar products, there is a list of browsing history, commodity comparison, product map display and other content, can make the user very convenient for the selection of products. This practice is more common in the website of the Consumer Mall.

Sharing features allow users to easily reprint articles

With the open platform and SNS in full swing, open sharing has become the mainstream of the internet now thought, although to the end, it boils down to monopoly. At present, Baidu, Tencent and other major sharing platform have their own share code, there are also professional such as jiathis such a key reprint tools, these greatly facilitate the user's reprint, you can freely put articles, pictures and other shares to their own space or Weibo, do not need to copy and paste to the document file.

In addition, RSS has always had a lot of loyal supporters, which is also an important tool to provide sharing functionality.

Limited registration allows users to cherish resources

Many forums now adopt a limited registration approach or a period of time open registration, or use the invitation code, such a practice is nothing more than let users feel the intention of the forum, if it is more professional and have a lot of their favorite content, will try to enter the forum, and such users once entered, You will cherish your ID in particular.

It can be said that the experience is grasping the user's psychology, and the effect is also very good.

Many ways to login to make users feel convenient

Often used in conjunction with the above way is the various ways to log in to the forum mode, this model is based on an open platform, now the most common is some forums such as 28 push network promotion forum can be directly using QQ or Sina Weibo account login, this way does not require user Registration ID, direct login, save time and effort, Users are happy to.

In summary, the current mainstream website common user experience aspects of the practice has been basically listed, of course, there may be more ways to improve the user experience, notes for the time being not found. With people's attention to user experience and in-depth research, user-centric website experience will be more perfect, if you have more in-depth research, welcome to discuss with me, I am grateful.

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