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Do SEO and website optimization, the author has always believed that to do, SEO is not a day or two to complete, website optimization is a long-term work, you need to be patient and hard. If you want the site to have a good ranking in search engines, please refer to the following suggestions:

Use good title (title)

Title is the theme of a page, it is your summary of the essence of your site content, try to use your keywords in the title tag, it implies the content of the page, your title to search engines and users to be as friendly, you will be in the search results page see title appears in the link header.

Keep content related to site topics

These related content is the key to your site to get a good ranking, because the search engine to the most relevant content presented to the user, you have more relevant content, search engine will be more concerned about you, as long as you have a good page is ranked, then your site's other pages will benefit. For example: If your site has 120 pages, there are 10 pages into the TOP10, it is likely that your other pages will also enter the high ranking.

Make a perfect site map (sitemap)

Your site map can make your station or page earlier search engine discovery, it is your domain name under all important pages of a collection, such as Google search engine through the site map can quickly crawl to your site, if you can stick to do site map, search engines can not face the dead chain, to quickly crawl your site.

Get High Quality links

Import links are other sites have your site links, as for how to find high-quality site links, please refer to the quality of external links to the judgment of the article.

The above mentioned several site optimization methods are the main line of SEO, seize them, do a little extension, I believe your site will be able to have a good ranking. To let the site into the top 10 search engine, there is no shortcut, you have to do is adhere to.

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