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Since 2004 to do the station so far, bought a lot of virtual host, very few problems. QQ group Friends often ask me, why I choose a virtual host than many companies are cheap and stable host? So for the above situation, with our years of experience in the virtual host to do the following summary to share with you: We have all the host to make a comparison, not only the virtual host products, in any one product, There are three kinds of situations:

The first category: Do not save money, but worry!

This service provider is generally the most well-known in the industry in the country or the country has a certain reputation of brand service providers, the 17853.html "> Service providers in the country number is not too much." To do this kind of enterprise in fact, the price is more selling is already a brand, such as "million Nets" belong to such service providers. Just like the same cloth to do the same style of two suits, branded with different brands, sell the price will be a big difference. Such products are suitable for a more "rich" customers, belonging to the noble host.

The second category: Save money, also worry!

This kind of service provider generally has certain popularity or the more well-known service provider in the region, this kind of service provider occupies the quantity to be bigger, each region has several, their product quality and the service level according to each region's resource environment and the technical strength is different and uneven. Due to its state-licensed formal operating companies, product quality and services are guaranteed, and the service provider's virtual host products with the first category of service providers compared to the price of cheap to need more. This kind of service provider undertakes the national largest number of customers, is the national virtual Host service industry main force. Involved in this industry some years, as I know in Hangzhou, consulting, "Huaxia Network" in east China has developed into a certain strength and even the entire southwest, East China is very well-known IDC business. Allow large companies to build China's best cost-effective enterprise virtual hosting services as the goal, it is this category.

The third Category: Save money, but not worry!

Without obtaining the permission of the state to operate, operating at a lower cost, this category generally for individuals or a small number of individual groups of illegal operations, regardless of financial and technical strength are relatively weak, short-term economic benefits for the pursuit of goals, coupled with low cost, is currently the market at the lowest price of the virtual host, the purchase of such hosts really save money. Therefore, for the first time to purchase the virtual Host service for customers because of lack of identification experience, is the main target customers of such services. Customers tend to buy products, it seems that the beginning of a period of time is very good, but "road horse horsepower", this kind of service provider's product often support less than one year time to be paralyzed, the product quality problem is frequent, the technical service strength also cannot keep up, then lets the customer helplessly seek the next service provider. The recent national IDC competent department to the unlicensed operation service provider's clean-up and rectification work to this kind of service provider to bring the fatal blow, this kind of service provider does not have the business license, only is the non-profit website's ordinary ICP record number to deceive the consumer, hoped everybody will raise the vigilance in the future.

For the above three types of service providers, I think we have been more clear, here is no longer too elaborate. Here just to share some of the industry and products of some of the views only for your reference, everyone as long as the text in accordance with the wording of their own situation to choose the right business is good, the above mentioned in the two virtual hosting service providers for reference only. Just personal experience, please take a brick.

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