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Always have a preparation before you do it, consider why you do it, and the odds of success in doing it. What kind of plan should be made? If you are faced with difficulties, what kind of attitude should you keep in mind? What is the next plan after success? If you fail, should you face it? As the saying goes, do not fight unprepared. Every one must be prepared and thought beforehand.

The same is true of the station. When you choose the personal webmaster This road, you will have a series of planning of the Webmaster Road. Rome was not built in a day, and the pyramid was not one months old. Even if we do a simple garbage station, we have to do a lot of preparation, make a plan. First of all, consider how to choose a good domain name, and then the purchase of space to select the server, as well as the choice of Web site with which program to do. This is to do before the station to consider the basic problem, webmaster Nets admin5 triumphantly believe that this process must follow the appropriate principle, domain name, space, procedures are to meet their own needs, suitable for their own situation, in order to take the first step of success.

After considering these problems, we must seriously plan to do the whole process of the station. What type of site do you want to do, and how should the content of the site be positioned? How should the page column layout be planned? What kind of service should the website highlight? What is the way the website intends to make a profit? How much do you want to do with your site? Want to expand the scale or even transform? What kind of Web site do you want to promote? What is the trade-off between profitability and long-term adherence? These problems are webmaster in the selection of good domain name and space ready to do the station should consider the problem, the author summed up a little suggestion hope for everyone useful.

About site positioning. Accurate site positioning is the principle that stationmaster should follow. What kind of Web site do you want to do, positioning must be precise refinement, to understand your site involved in the industry, according to the characteristics of the industry to locate their own content of the site, what content can attract users of the industry, the industry's users relatively dislike what content, these should be clear. Also weigh to do this type of website has what benefits and what disadvantages, and to its choice, for the industry users to provide intimate, high-quality, in place of service.

Site layout should be reasonable and consider the user's internet habits. The layout of a website is not the more the more detailed the navigation classification, the better, the most important is the rational planning. And the user's surfing habits are given priority. In particular, the site's navigation bar, users landing on your site The first thing is through the navigation bar to find their own content, navigation bar must highlight the focus, so that users can easily find information, rather than blindly the navigation bar for meticulous classification. For example, Taobao, in addition to the regular classification, will be on the home page on the recent Hot goods navigation classification, so many users to land Taobao quickly can find the goods.

Site to highlight their own characteristics and provide unique services. Now all kinds of websites, especially the rise of E-commerce and classified information Web site, there is a popular SNS. How to stand out in many websites, external promotion is very important, the internal strength of the site is fundamental. So be sure to make your own characteristics. Stationmaster should combine oneself ability, combine the thing that oneself is good at to do a station. Good service is to attract users to improve the user's viscosity, to actively learn from the strengths of the same industry site and innovative thinking, to provide users with special services.

Keep a good attitude. Before doing the station, stationmaster must give oneself a good mentality. If the site is not profitable at first, if you want to play a protracted war and long-term adherence, if you will encounter a lot of difficulties, if the profit is not a good profit model, if the station failed, you will be a kind of attitude to face it? Here suggest stationmaster must maintain a peaceful mentality, Face the problems encountered in the website don't be impatient also don't give up, adhere to the end is victory.

All activities should be user-centric. The customer is God, the user of the website is also God. Whether it is online promotion of the website or offline promotion, or SEO and site layout, must consider the user's habits and preferences. Before doing the station can do a user survey, survey your potential user group like what kind of website, want to have what column to provide what service. According to the results of the investigation to open a station, will be more effective.

The above is the author of a few suggestions, hope that the webmaster useful. I believe the webmaster will have their own ideas and thoughtful before doing the station. In short, make a site before making a reasonable website planning, foresee the future site will appear potential problems, is necessary and necessary.

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