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As a professional seo person, in his eyes the network is very monotonous. Because he has the ordinary people do not have the ability to analyze the Web site insight, and even bring some similarity. Contact with SEO after I found myself to see the Web page habit has changed, even the site's domain name will generate great interest.

Before looking at a four-letter or a shorter number of domain names that time may have seen the past, and will not necessarily remember. Because I know something called Domain name investment, now I can consider whether the domain name is market value. In fact, I was building my own blog when I want to use Hetao dot com this domain name. Let's not say how much business value there is in the combination of these letters, at least in my opinion, because the world also has people called Tao in the network, or because the domain name itself is relatively short.

First of all, we should consider the factors when choosing the domain name. The first thing we should consider is the suffix of the domain name itself, and you have to consider using. com or. cn or. org. I'm here to suggest that you give priority to. com because of the user's habit. com suffix. I've done some research, the same two-page content, and it's pretty much the same on typography. Because the domain name is the first to contact the user, in their concept in addition to the. com, they are to a large extent still more difficult to accept other domain names. From the user's point of view, or first of the. com to optimize the consideration of it.

Here I have to say. cn this domain name. On the SEO point of view. CN's domain name his weight has been very low, there is still a story. I remember in the previous years, at that time there was a. cn storm, at that time fired a domain name. Unlike now to get a domain name may be dozens of yuan, then many people will go to the CN domain name. In particular, to do the station group friends, to a large extent, to reduce their operating costs, even if by K, nothing but a single domain name at most not. Even some do illegal site also began to consider the choice of CN domain name. After quite a long period of time, as a search engine, it will certainly be the CN domain weight to make certain adjustments.

Some people say that choosing a domain name as good as possible, and short, from now on it is quite idealistic things. Not that we do not want this domain name, on the one hand that is because the good domain name is really difficult to find, on the one hand even buy a domain name this price is quite expensive. Therefore, I suggest that you choose the domain name when you must put the characteristics first. Not to say that a short domain name will be good, I give you an example: www point o0oo dot com These domain name is done, is really to make people more headaches.

Speaking of which, I have to take out my blog domain name to make the necessary explanations. Because the goal of the blog keyword is ningbo seo on the one hand I certainly have to take into account the domain name SEO, then it is best to let people see it is a Ningbo SEO blog that the best. That takes into account the Nbseo, we can also imagine that such a domain name is basically not necessary to see, must be registered, indeed in a very helpless situation before choosing a nb-seoer domain name.

Now slowly I began to put their own this blog to the network inside push, do not know Ningbo shorthand people can understand, but do not know that the cow B is a minority. Now many people have read this domain name as cattle b-seo now found that the domain name is not bad. It is because of good memory, but also through the Internet popular language to help you remember this domain name. And as the owner of this domain name I, also must work hard, at least to the name of the domain (hehe)

There are some better examples: such as pushing A (tui18), SEO 100,000 Why (SEOWHY) and so on some of the large Web site's domain selection we can see the domain name selection of some tips.

In my opinion, SEO is composed of many small details. Who can not say that I only do a certain aspect and he is the most refined ranking can go up, we can not say that is because of their own site's domain name no one else's good own domain name does not choose to a good and to find an excuse to do not rank. Domain name this thing to see your site positioning and use of the situation to set, such as Alibaba's 1688 domain name, if you are simply a blog, to do a business station I am sure you will not consider to spend money to buy a 1688, because there is no need.

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