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In fact, who will go to the forum but how to better to play the forum this is an art, for our seoer is particularly important because we have to do outside the forum chain. I think we should know that many forums on the registered user level is limited, to a certain level to send the Web site or to do the signature, which has a problem how can we in a short time to upgrade our forum level? Don't rush here Zoo Zhiming to share with us how I play the Forum.

In fact, many in the registration forum will go directly to post, don't care about the forum's integration rules Here I suggest that you register a forum to do things on the observation of the Forum's integration rules, understand the integration rules more conducive to us to complete the task and enhance the level of the Forum, the following Zoo Zhiming me to upgrade the level of the forum to tell you.

1. Completion of the mandate of the Forum: Many forums have forum tasks, these forum tasks are set up with task points rewards, to obtain these rewards than we go to post up points more quickly, so we start to form a forum must pay attention to these.

2. Visit the Forum member space and leave a message: Many forums inside the integration rules have access to other people's space bonus points, especially discuzx type of forum to visit 10 people each day 10 points, to greet others reward 10 points. These points are every day, so we have to catch these easy ways to get points.

3. Daily Forum Check-in: In fact, many forums are equipped with the registration section, these signs every day to reward the points are unequal, such points are the most easy to get and this task is every day, so we in the Upgrade forum account must not ignore.

4. Actively participate in the daily topic of the Forum: for example, like the A5,phpwind forum, every day there are daily topics, participate in daily topics are generally rewarded with points. Although every time the reward is not much but such activities every day, for us to enhance the Forum account is very helpful.

5. Original quality article or send some new ideas of the topic then @ Moderator or administrator plus points. First of all you need to know the forum moderators or administrators like you in the Forum on what kind of posts, they want you to send some meaningful and can arouse the reader to resonate with the post, nature can then drive the forum atmosphere So when he saw such a post will definitely give you points.

6. Actively help others solve problems: Some forums have questions and answers, for those who solve problems for their own general questioner will give a certain bonus points, so we play the forum must not miss, in fact, many people generally will not ask difficult questions, you can use search engines to find answers.

7. Share your experience or resources: for example, you have any good experience and useful resources, you can also open the forum to share the post. This is a very effective and proven way, many people use this to earn points in the forum, this method is also one of the fastest way to upgrade the forum level.

8. Bask in your PP, blueprint: A lot of people want to upgrade the forum level, but there is wood what experience and resources to share or write a good article, then you can bask in the forum of their own PP, this method girls use more, you understand here I do not do much introduction.

After looking at these methods, I believe that we can play a good forum. So today to introduce you here, in the end I hope you can also share their own to play the forum has any good method.

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